1. About

I’m Kris, retired RN. I’m married to Joel, musician and construction guy, the guy who could remodel and fix pretty much anything in a house. Before this, we lived in Sarasota, Florida, USA.  I arrived in Panama in October 2012 and Joel followed in November 2012. We moved to the city of David in Chiriqui Province, not far from the Costa Rica border. It has worked out very well for us and we are very happy.

This blog is an accounting of our lives and adventures here, and other various experiences, photos, stories, travels, and whatever else is on my mind at the moment. It started as a way to keep family and friends updated but it has grown and developed a larger audience, and is hopefully a useful source of information as well.

The photos and content of this blog are mine. Please don’t use them without linking back and giving me credit.

I am happy to talk with people, meet travelers who are in the area, and answer questions to the best of my ability so feel free to contact me (info@ThePanamaAdventure.com)

Remember, if you are considering making such a move, these are only our experiences. This doesn’t work for everybody. Do your own homework and don’t take my word for anything.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog! Feel free to leave comments if you have any feedback or suggestions.


127 Responses to 1. About

  1. Zuleika says:

    Hello Kris, this is a great blog about your adventures.
    I’m from David. I’m very glad that you and your husband like it. Is a small place so maybe I will recognize you if I see you around (I’m asuming you are the one on the picture right? :) ).



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