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Making Tamales

I love Panamanian tamales! My friend Cedo thought it was time to make some, brought home a bunch of leaves from her farm, and we picked a day to cook together. I have tried to document the process here, hopefully well enough … Continue reading

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Making Tortillas

Tortillas are considerably easier than tamales! I had made them before out of dried corn, but this time my friend Cedo and I made them out of fresh corn. It’s pretty simple, really. Again, buy some corn on the cob, … Continue reading

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Making Tamales

Making Panamanian tamales is quite a production, but they are SO good. Cedo agreed to teach me how to do it as she had been taught by her grandmother. How cool is that! First we made just a few so … Continue reading

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The New Public Market

There has been a very large, shiny building under construction in David. I heard some time ago that it was going to be a market to house the merchants that are usually on the street. Tuesday I was shopping with … Continue reading

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A Surprise Treat – Great Italian Food in Coronado

Across from our hotel was a very pleasant looking little restaurant, Luna Rossa, so we decided to wander in for lunch. We never expected such a wonderful lunch! The management is from Florence, Italy, and I haven’t had such good … Continue reading

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A Visit to the Fish Market

When there is no more fish in the freezer, it’s time to go to Pedregal to buy more from the fishermen. My friend Cedo wanted to come along too, so off we went. Pedrigal is a town just a few … Continue reading

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Marañón – Cashews

Summer in Panama is the time for cashews, both the nuts and the fruits. It’s really interesting to see how they grow! Before living in Panama I didn’t know there is also fruit, usually called a cashew apple. It’s very … Continue reading

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Produce in Chiriqui Province, Panama

People ask me about fruits and vegetables here. We’re very lucky to live in Chiriqui Province where most of the produce is grown. We have fresh fruits and vegetables available every day, and it’s very inexpensive if you buy it … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning This week’s theme might be obvious, but I couldn’t help it — it’s a simple and common word, yet can evoke very powerful, emotional images. Let’s see beginning through your lens!  Beginning? That sounds easy enough but the more I … Continue reading

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Breadfruit – Fruta del Pan

I have admired a beautiful tree in our neighborhood for quite some time now. A while ago, it started making some sort of fruit. I started to wonder if it was a breadfruit. A bit of research told me that … Continue reading

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