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Motmots and Tutarones, a bit of Panama Wildlife

We see so many birds here! A frequent visitor and one of my favorites is the Blue-Crowned Motmot. They are a bit larger than most of the yard visitors, very quiet, and usually visit singly or in pairs. Like all … Continue reading

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The Ants Ate the Caulking

There is an endless variety of bugs here. I’ve never seen so many types of ants and bees of all sizes and colors. There is a huge variety of other bugs as well, many of them very beautiful and interesting. … Continue reading

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An Interesting Spider

More crawly things, I know, but there are just too many interesting bugs and spiders around here. One morning I noticed this really cool, and quite large bug on leaf outside the window. OK, I think I am done with … Continue reading

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Butterflies at the River

We visited the river a couple days ago and we met with the most interesting sight! There were so many butterflies on the river bank, and quite a few different kinds. It’s the summer dry season now, so I think … Continue reading

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Another Interesting Bug

I was weeding and puttering around in the yard yesterday, and came across this really interesting fly. At first I thought it was a dead flower or leaf, until it walked up my finger.

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Wildlife in the Jungle

One of the things I loved most about our weekend experience was all the birds and wildlife we saw there. I only took the little Panasonic camera which worked out well especially since it has a great zoom feature. Without … Continue reading

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Spider Pictures

You have been warned….  :D There seem to be so many beautiful and interesting spiders around here that I’m always finding one I haven’t seen before.

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Black Witch Moth

This fantastic moth was hanging out in our laundry room today. It’s so big I was a bit startled when I first saw it, and thought it might be a bird at first glance until I quickly saw that it … Continue reading

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Life in the Compost Pile

I’ve had compost piles for ages, but it’s a bit different here in Panama. There are so many critters that love the scraps. It was hard to even get started because anything I’d put out would immediately disappear. Now that … Continue reading

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Ants, Bees, Insanity, and New Paint

You just never know what you are going to see around here! I went out this morning to take a photos of the tree where the toucans have been visiting, and I noticed a large column of ants marching across … Continue reading

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