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Raquel’s Ark Wildlife Rescue

The next stop in our day with friends was Raquel’s Ark in Volcan. Raquel has a number of interesting animals and birds which she cares for and clearly loves. Most are tame and enjoy visitors so it is a great … Continue reading

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Macho de Monte, revisted

Macho de Monte is an amazing river canyon near Cuesta Piedra, a town between Conception and Volcan.  I met up with a bunch of Boquete expats near Dolega so we could drive to Volcan together, and I was thrilled when … Continue reading

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Car Trouble in Panama

A little bad luck, a lot of good luck and good people, and an interesting day. I have a 97 Mazda, not fancy but a sturdy little car. I have had a number of people beg me to sell it … Continue reading

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Two Years

It is hard to believe my two year mark passed on the 10th of this month. The time has gone fast and it hardly seems possible. But, it also feels like I have been here long enough that this life is … Continue reading

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Goodie Bags for Los Ramos

Originally posted on Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua:
It’s not often that one gets to see immediate results of their donations or knows that all of the money received goes directly to those who need it the most. For $800…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction

Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction  For this photo challenge, show us what “refraction” means to you. It could be an image taken in a reflective surface, it could be light bent from behind an object, or it could mean remedial math … Continue reading

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Here is what your Ometepe donations have bought!

Originally posted on FindingMySelfinPanama:
I thought everyone would liked to see just what the money donated to the Ometepe relief has purchased. Deb Goehring posted to Facebook and I cut and pasted her photo and text. She is THRILLED  and…

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Back in David and liking it a lot

Originally posted on FindingMySelfinPanama:
Boy, did I ever love our trip to Ometepe, Nicaragua. People who have traveled there often describe it as “magical”, “peaceful”, “seductive”,  etc. I fall into that group, the island has a special feel to it…

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Help Los Ramos Rebuild

Originally posted on Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua:
I talked with Ever Potoy today about his lovely community of Los Ramos on Ometepe Island. Because of 5-6 landslides, their community was destroyed. I am sick with worry for this community…

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Ometepe Island Mudslides and Destruction

Originally posted on Rewired and Retired in Nicaragua:
Early Wednesday morning on October 8th, I awoke to take photos of the blood moon. The sky was inky black with clouds hiding the stars, as well as the eclipse of the…

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