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Just Some Scenery

I went to Volcan and Cero Punta a while back with some friends. It was a pretty, but rainy and hazy day. I was sorting through photos and found a few worth sharing. This is at Macho de Monte. There … Continue reading

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Afternoon Rain

I was standing on the terrace yesterday afternoon watching it rain. We seem to be getting a bit more rain lately, though it still doesn’t rain every day. I like the rain. It keeps everything green and beautiful and usually … Continue reading

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The New David Bus Terminal

There seems to be an endless amount of construction everywhere in Panama. A bigger project that started recently in David is the new bus terminal. It looks like it will also include a major shopping center, so it will be … Continue reading

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Processing Rice

There is a lot of rice grown in Panama. Today I had the opportunity to visit a rice processing place which I found very interesting. Cedo was looking for hulls to use as bedding for her chickens. They give away … Continue reading

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Volcán Barú

Volcán Barú is our active volcano and at over 11,000 feet, the highest spot in Panama. When it isn’t hidden by clouds it can be seen from many places in the area. One good spot is a field just down … Continue reading

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Cleaning Chickens, and Respecting Food

My friend Cedo has chickens. I wrote about them HERE when they came to her house. Remember these little chicks? The process of raising them from this to dinner has given me a whole new level of respect for where … Continue reading

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the Pensionado Visa and Airline Discounts

Yes, it works! I just bought our first airline tickets using our pensionado visas. First, I went on line and chose the flights I wanted to buy. The good folks at the Copa office could help you with this, but … Continue reading

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Fun and Flowers and Rain

Last Sunday in Volcan there was a Parada de Flores, or Flower Festival, so Cedo and I went to check it out. We picked up her friend Daisy along the way and headed up the mountain, arriving in Volcan about … Continue reading

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Murciélagos – Bats

I’ve seen bats in the evening for as long as I’ve lived here but I never had a chance to get a good look at them, until recently. One night the power went out. Maybe we left the doors open … Continue reading

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Visiting Cows

I went biking on one of my favorite routes yesterday. It was a pretty day, lots of cows were hanging out near fences, and I just felt like photographing them. Maybe it was because they seemed to be in such mellow … Continue reading

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