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My New Shower Buddy

Joel and I were taking a shower the other day. I had my hair all lathered up and my eyes closed to keep the soap out of them, and he tells me “don’t move” in a very serious but quiet … Continue reading

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When we stayed at La Estancia, not only did we see lots of birds, a family of moneys were also frequent visitors. According to my research, they are Geoffroy’s tamarins, a small, furry, and lively monkey. We had such a … Continue reading

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Ancon Hill Birds

One thing we loved at La Estancia was all the birds. The staff had a bird feeder and hung out bunches of bananas and there was always a variety of birds coming to eat. You could sit out on the … Continue reading

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Snake on the Fence!

What a lucky day yesterday! We just happened to be finishing a late lunch on the patio and something caught my eye on the fence. It was a parrot snake, and I think it’s the most beautiful snake I’ve ever seen. … Continue reading

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Poison Dart Frog

I’m sitting here on the patio working on the computer, and out of the corner of my eye I see a tiny little thing hop across the patio. It’s no bigger than the last section of my thumb. How cool … Continue reading

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Motmots and Tutarones, a bit of Panama Wildlife

We see so many birds here! A frequent visitor and one of my favorites is the Blue-Crowned Motmot. They are a bit larger than most of the yard visitors, very quiet, and usually visit singly or in pairs. Like all … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes IN A NEW POST PUBLISHED SPECIFICALLY FOR THIS CHALLENGE, SHARE “THREE.” If you want to try a three-picture story, great! If not, try three images of the same subject taken from different perspectives, three images of the same … Continue reading

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Another New Bird – a Honeycreeper

We’ve had the cutest new birds visiting the bird feeder lately. At first we saw only the male, a beautiful little bird with a bright blue head. According to my bird books, he is a red-legged honeycreeper, a breeding male. … Continue reading

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New Neighbors – Oropendolas!

I love the oropendolas. They are beautiful and interesting birds and I’ve written about them before HERE and HERE (this one with a video).  There is also a Wikipedia article HERE. About a week ago I was riding my bike around … Continue reading

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Butterflies at the River

We visited the river a couple days ago and we met with the most interesting sight! There were so many butterflies on the river bank, and quite a few different kinds. It’s the summer dry season now, so I think … Continue reading

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