Saturday on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

After some rest and getting acquainted with our immediate surroundings, Saturday was for going to town. We had a great breakfast and met a new friend who loves to go biking, so it didn’t take us any time to make plans to go riding together. Then, we walked around town a little so I know where to find anything I need.

Every day I seem to come back with a lot of pictures. There is always something new, interesting, beautiful, or all of the above. Maybe a time will come when I have “seen it all” but I don’t see that happening while we are here, so there will be more photos coming!

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Friday, first full day on Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

We spent Friday relaxing a bit, walking around the area, meeting some of the neighbors, and getting a feel for the house and area where we were to spend the next three weeks.

The house is fantastic, open and spacious and just the kind of house I would make. The dog, though he is still a puppy and was overcome with excitement, is a very good dog. I see some instruction and lots of walks to burn off excess energy and we will have a lot of fun. The area and the people – there will be much more to say in the days ahead! Today though, we will start with a few photos.

Whew! I’m not sure where today has gone. Tomorrow is another day, so when I am more rested I will post more photos and updates.

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Arriving in Nicaragua

We are traveling so posts will not be about Panama for a while, because we are in Nicaragua! I wanted to travel this month anyway so when we learned that a fellow blogger friend needed a house sitter it was just perfect. We made our way though Costa Rica, staying in San Jose and the Liberia. On Thursday we crossed the border into Nicaragua and the took the ferry to Ometepe Island, our destination.

We were without internet most of yesterday for some sort of maintenance, but I have a bunch of photos to put up so I am playing catchup today. I know I am going to have a lot more to say about this area, this experience, and the great people we are meeting!

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Traveling through Costa Rica

We are on a new adventure in Ometepe Island, Nicaragua which will involve numerous photos and blog posts because not only is this a very interesting new experience, itis a really beautiful area. We came here on the bus.

On our first day (Tuesday) we travelled to San Jose, Costa Rica. It rained most of the time and then got dark so we couldn’t see much on the ride up. We were only in San Jose for a night but loved what we saw in our limited time. Unfortunately I poked the wrong thing on my new camera and lost those photos, but hopefully we can spend more time there and get to know the city a bit better.

My first impressions of San Jose were of a more established city with older buildings and more history going back decades (unlike Panama who’s considerable growth has been quite recent). There were many people on foot in the street, a large variety of people of many colors and some with piercings, tattoos, interesting hair colors, and other modes of self expression not usually seen in Panama. There also seemed to be every sort of familiar fast food, more so than in Panama. It felt good there, relaxed, interesting, happy, and a place where I would like to spend more time.

Wednesday we got back n the bus and traveled to Liberia, Costa Rica. It was a beautiful sunny day and this time I did not lose the photos.

The bus stopped so we could have a break and a bit to eat. I was very impressed with the woodwork we saw there.

After driving through mountains and stopping for a break, we started getting into more flat land that reminded me of our area in Panama.

We landed in Liberia, easily found the hotel recommended by our friends (Hotel  Bramadero) and the gal there sent us off for bus tickets for the next day. This took us to the Central Park and main part of town which I was happy to see.

We spent the night in Libera, and the next day we crossed the border into Nicaragua. Of course there are more photos!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure

Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure. This week, share a photo that says “adventure.” It could be an image of someone setting off on an epic journey, a photo you took on an adventure of your own, or something more metaphoric that represents a personal or psychological adventure.

This is an easy one for me since I have just arrived in Nicaragua. It is definitely an adventure to meet a fellow blogger, visit her country, and her home on Ometepe Island! Also check out her entry for this photo challenge HERE.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dialogue  for this week’s challenge, bring together two of your photos into dialogue. What do they say to each other?

These were found within a few feet of each other on the same wall.

814dialog2 814dialog1


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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray Share a photo of what “fray” means to you — it could be a tear in a favorite pair of jeans, a street rumble just about to begin, or a friend diving into an oncoming wave at the beach.

This particular palm looks quite frayed.

This particular palm looks quite frayed.

The center of the palm looks even more frayed.

The center of the palm looks even more frayed.

These dead palm fronds are all in various stages of fraying.

These dead palm fronds are all in various stages of fraying.

Most interesting of all are the banana leaves. They can get badly frayed in the wind but they keep on living and doing what leaved need to do, frayed or not.

Most interesting of all are the banana leaves. They can get badly frayed in the wind but they keep on living and doing what leaved need to do, frayed or not.

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Boca Chica – Bocas del Mar Hotel

Next to the Seagullcove Lodge in Boca Chica is another hotel, Bocas del Mar. We noticed steps going up from our hotel’s beach so we decided to wander over and take a look. It’s a very new looking hotel with gleaming white bungalows and carefully landscaped grounds. There is an attractive pool and restaurant area, and the views are very beautiful. I also noticed that unlike our hotel, there were no steps except for the very long flight of stairs down to the beach.

I really love the Seagullcove Lodge and we will continue to stay there when we come to the area, but it doesn’t hurt to know what else is available. I asked in the office about price and was told that a room here is $139 plus tax, so about $153 in total (if I remember correctly). There are some larger rooms with hot tubs that cost a bit more, and this is “green season” (aka rainy season which is off season here), so the prices may be higher at other times of the year. Check the website for more accurate info. You can hardly go wrong anywhere in this beautiful area though. It just depends on your budget and what you enjoy.

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Boca Brava and the Monkeys

Boca Brava is the closest island to our hotel on Boca Chica, and we were told that not only is there a hotel with a good restaurant, there is a hiking trail where howler monkeys are frequently seen. The hotel staff called us a boat that picked us up at the dock, and it was only a short ride over to the island.

The Hotel Boca Brava is at the end of the island overlooking the bay. It costs $5 a person for access to the island, and after paying we were directed through the hotel grounds to the trail behind. The trail is fairly high up and not only was it beautiful, the views were fantastic. We also saw monkeys!

Of course, we were hoping to spot some monkeys and soon movement in the trees gave them away. There must be quite a few monkeys on the island. We spotted two families and heard quite a few more in the distance. This is the first time I’ve seen howler monkeys in the wild so I was really happy.

We had a great time hiking and looking around. We could have hiked down to a small beach but it would have been quite a climb down and up, so we decided to relax and get a bite of lunch in the restaurant. We heard their seafood soup is good, and indeed it is. It’s also a relaxing place to hang out and enjoy the view.

We had a really good time exploring the island, but between the hiking and trips up and down the stairs at our hotel, we had a fair amount of activity. We spent the rest of the day relaxing, and had some dinner at the tiki bar below which was fun. I’m glad we spent two nights so we had the whole of Saturday to enjoy our time away. it was too bad Haydeé’s husband couldn’t get away from work, so I guess we will just have to book another weekend so he can make it next time.

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Boca Chica Getaway

We have been to the Seagullcove Lodge in Boca Chica before, so when an Oferta Simple came up we bought a couple more nights there. It’s a great little hotel with only six cabanas so it feels very personal, and the excellent staff does everything possible to take good care of their guests.

The setting is also wonderful. The grounds have beautifully tended flowers and trees, and the view of the water and islands is lovely. It feels so tranquil and relaxing.

If you want a very relaxing and beautiful getaway, I would highly recommend this place. We thought of going whale watching but we learned the whales were a fair distance away, and others said the whales were staying mostly below the water and were hard to see. So, we opted for an excursion to a nearby island instead which was very fun. More about that in the next post…

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