A Day Trip to Rio Sereno

Rio Sereno is a town on the Costa Rica border. Drive up to Volcan and keep going as the road turns west, and it will take you through hills and mountains and some gorgeous scenery to the town. We (Cedo, Lauren, Joel, and I) had no particular reason to go except to see the area and have a day out.

The town itself is small, and there are a lot of little markets lining the main street.

Were were actually in Costa Rica when we ate lunch. The other side of the street was Panama. There was a duty free store just down the street with some excellent prices on liquor, but we were told it isn’t to be taken back into Panama. There was a border agent from each country in the street so we decided saving a few dollars wasn’t worth any possible trouble. The immigration office was just above where we ate lunch but we didn’t go there since we weren’t planning to cross the border.

Cedo has a lot of siblings, and it happens that one of her brothers lives in Rio Sereno so we stopped by for a visit.

The best thing about driving through this area is the scenery! The road is very windy with lots of ups and downs, but there are some really beautiful views. There are a lot of plantains and coffee grown there, often planted together. It is also cool and moist enough to grow a lot of vegetables, but most of what we saw was coffee, plantains, and cows.

We were also very surprised to see a couple cyclists making their way up the hills! They weren’t young folks either, but looked to be retirement age and quite loaded down. What a difficult ride that must be!

It’s a cool, cloudy day in David after a nice rainstorm, a good day to catch up on blog posts. I have a few other things waiting so stand by.



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Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

Weekly Photo Challenge: Afloat

I love planes! It is amazing to me that this huge, heavy machine can float in the air. A few days ago I was biking by the airport just as one of the Air Panama flights took off for Panama City.

I love planes! It is amazing to me that this huge, heavy machine can float in the air. A few days ago I was biking by the airport just as one of the Air Panama flights took off for Panama City.

I think when you think of the word “afloat”, water usually comes to mind. As I was working on this post we got hit with a downpour, so I got some water photos too.


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Martinelli On The Run, Clinton Comes & Varela Promises Transparency

Kris Cunningham:

Another good post on the Summit of the Americas currently going on in Panama City

Originally posted on RichardDetrich.com:

Another day in Panama.

Maybe it was better when we were just a backwater Banana Republic.  Now as the “crossroads of the world,” “where the world meets,” “the hub of the Americas,” and today the site of the Summit of The Americas, Panama is definitely on the world stage.  Also, “on stage,” is the Panama Film Festival which unfortunately has been eclipsed by the Summit.

So, things are busier than usual in Panama City.  Some folks are upset that the US parked an aircraft carrier off Panama, presumably to protect Obama while he is in town for a few days.  Some locals view it as overkill and reminiscent of the US Invasion of Panama while others see it as the usual trappings of a Presidential field trip.  All eyes are on the meeting of Obama and Casto, however, where ever, and when ever.  The local press [LA PRENSA] saw Raul…

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Video of Ed Horna- Rental Property Available in David/Boquete

Originally posted on FindingMySelfinPanama:

Ed wanted to make a new video since the old one was two years old and I’m making it available here. DO NOT CONTACT ME (JOEL), contact Ed (Eduardo Horna riochiriqui@gmail.com 507-6567-1127, 507-6757-0005 ) for any and all rental/purchase questions.

Special thanks go to Kris for the camera work and uploading to Youtube!

Contact information: Eduardo Horna riochiriqui@gmail.com

507-6567-1127 507-6757-0005




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Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blur


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Summit of The Americas 2015

Kris Cunningham:

This is really cool! I was going to write something about it, but he’s done such a good job I’ll just share this post.

Originally posted on RichardDetrich.com:

For over 100 years Panama has been the crossroads of the world and the place where the world meets because of its geographical location and the famed Panama Canal.  This month the “world”, at least the Latin American world, will meet in Panama at the Summit of The Americas organized by the Organization of American States.  This will be the seventh summit of Latin American world leaders.

Over 70 parliamentarians from across the American continent will meet at the permanent headquarters of the Latin American Parliament and in addition to the heads of state around 5,000 advisors and ministers of the various countries will attend, tying up Panama City traffic even worse than usual. Schools and government offices will be closed in an effort to minimize the chaos. Normally Panama goes mas o menos on “vacation” from November [the month of Patriotic holidays], through December [Mother’s Day & Christmas], January…

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A Fun Day in a Swimming Hole!

Friday a bunch of us set off to find a new swimming spot that Holly (of Let The Adventure Begin) knew about. Emma (of a Woman, a Plan, a Canal… , but who has been way too busy to write for a while) was visiting and we all wanted to spend some time together. Joel (of Finding Myself in Panama) and Lauren (of Air Propel Latin America) and I met up at the intersection of Via Boquete and the road to Caldera. (whew, that’s a lot of bloggers all together!).

We proceeded to follow Holly’s car through Caldera and beyond on windy, hilly roads into places I’d never seen before.


We ended up at a spot with a little room to pull over and park, and then walked the rest of the way. It apparently is private property, and the guy at the gate said he would like $2/person when we leave.  As close as I can figure this location is about 19 kilometers from the Via Boquete / Caldera road intersection, and we were going to Rio Chiriqui Nuevo. I did think to start my cycling ap shortly after we left the area so with any luck THIS will bring up a map that will get you close to the location. It’s a great spot so remembering how to find it is for my benefit as much as anyone else’s.

Little did we know what a beautiful spot awaited us!


And, little did we know the fun had just begun. As we got out of our cars we saw three other cars pulling in, and it wasn’t long before those people joined us at the swimming hole. As they started unpacking and getting settled, I turned around to look at the guy behind me and found I was looking into the face of Cesar Augusto Melendez, the rock climber! Not only is he a very accomplished climber, he’s quite handsome, a really nice guy and I enjoyed talking with him. I told him my daughter and son-in-law are climbers, and he said he hopes they can visit Panama sometime because he would love to take them climbing. He even gave me his card so I can get in touch with him.

Cesar was out with maybe 20 young people from Panama City. A lot of people from the city like to take advantage of the holiday and go to “the interior” to beaches, rivers, and other spots where they can swim, cool off, and enjoy themselves.


Then, the next thing we knew Cesar appeared on the rocks high up above the water! The next activity was for people to climb up to an outcropping of rock, grab the vine, swing over and jump into the water below.

Sometimes fun is not without risk, so we were very happy the injured girl hadn’t done anything worse. Hopefully it’s only a bad bruise, or at worst a cracked bone on the top of her foot.

Later, Cesar and some of the others decided to rappel down the waterfall!

It was amazing to see Cesar climb around on the rocks like it was nothing, so sure footed, unafraid, and capable!

But, like all good things, the time came when we had to head back. What a great morning! Not only did we have a great time with friends, we saw a beautiful new spot, and really enjoyed being there with the young people and Cesar. Thank you Holly for yet another great outing!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh

We are lucky to live in Chiriqui Province where they grow most of the produce for all of Panama. There is very fertile soil and cooler temperatures up in “the highlands”, or up in the mountains so they grow tons of vegetables. It is something to see the farms literally on the sides of the mountains! It’s a beautiful area and if you want to see some photos, check out a previous post on Cerro Punta.

Most Panamanians don’t have a lot of money so they have to shop carefully and get the best value for every penny. When my neighbor said she knew of the best produce market and offered to show me, of course I agreed! But, she said we have to go on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday after 3PM because that is when the trucks come in with new supplies.

We are lucky to live here where we can have inexpensive, delicious, and very fresh produce every day. I noticed that I started feeling better within a month of moving here and I really think the fresh food has a lot to do with it. One time we lost the can opener and didn’t notice for weeks! It’s great to have fresh fruits and vegetables for every meal. This is one more reason to love Panama.


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David/Boquete Rental information from Ed Horna

Originally posted on FindingMySelfinPanama:

I just received an email from Ed Horna, my friend and the guy who showed us the house we live in. I’m posting it here as a favour to Ed and the readers of the blog.
If you have any questions about the properties, address them to Ed, his contact info is at the bottom of the page since I am not going to act as a middleman! PLEASE CONTACT ED, NOT ME!!!!!!!!
Hi guys ,

Just so you know if any one ask you about rentals in the david

boquete area , this is what I have at this moment :

David , located near El Rey super market , a very nice 3 brm 2 bath fully furnished house fenced in fast internet available , 900. a month .

David , located in the down town area , 2 brm 1 bath apt Unfunished .

AC in each…

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Hiking in Bajo Mono, Boquete

Recently, I was invited to hike the Pipeline Trail, or the Lost Waterfall trail with some friends. It was a very interesting drive to find the trail, as I talked about in my last post with rock walls, waterfalls, and hidden castles. For directions and helpful photos to help you find this trail, check out this page from the Boquete Travel Guide.

It is the end of the summer dry season now, but the area is still very beautiful. We didn’t hike all the way to the end of the trail because other hikers said there is no water in the waterfall right now, but we hiked enough to see plenty of beautiful spots, and even a couple of the reclusive resplendent quetzals which was a surprise.

I haven’t done much hiking in Panama, but I was glad I went on this one. I enjoyed spending time with good friends, and it was amazing to see a couple quetzals! Many have gone looking and haven’t found them at all. I’m sending out a big thank you to the tour guides who happened to be on the path, because without them I could easily have walked right on by and not realized what was in the trees.

Maybe I should go hiking more often.


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