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Making Tamales

I love Panamanian tamales! My friend Cedo thought it was time to make some, brought home a bunch of leaves from her farm, and we picked a day to cook together. I have tried to document the process here, hopefully well enough … Continue reading

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A family in the neighborhood makes nacatamales every Friday and they are wonderful! A nacatamale is a traditional dish of Nicaragua and Honduras. This family makes two kinds, one with masa (corn) and pork, the other with rice and chicken. … Continue reading

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Making Tamales

Making Panamanian tamales is quite a production, but they are SO good. Cedo agreed to teach me how to do it as she had been taught by her grandmother. How cool is that! First we made just a few so … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life

Weekly Photo Challenge: A Day in My Life I used to get asked a lot – “What are you going to DO with yourself all day, now that you won’t be working??”  This is what I did with myself yesterday. It … Continue reading

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Guandu con Arroz

Guandu are pigeon peas, and very popular in Panama. Guandu con arroz (with rice) is a traditional Christmas dish, so guandu are very expensive around that time. Many people grow them in their yards, including a number of my neighbors … Continue reading

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I’ve been making tortillas for a while but yesterday I was instructed by the pro, who was instructed by her grandmother. It starts with corn. I know, it looks like chicken feed or something, but you can turn this into … Continue reading

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Chicha de Arroz con Piña

My neighbor Haydeé came over yesterday, and we had cooking class in my kitchen. What fun! She is Panamanian so of course she knows how to cook all kinds of Panamanian food, and I’m interested in learning. We made a … Continue reading

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