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My Panamanian Neighborhood

It is easy to forget that my every day life is interesting to other people. So, I am going to try to post more about daily things. One thing I see almost every day is my neighborhood, and the two mile route … Continue reading

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Shopping for Fabric in Panama

I was really surprised to see how much less the fabric costs here! Today we visited a couple fabric shops so I took a few photos. I wasn’t supposed to be taking photos inside but I did sneak a couple, … Continue reading

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Buying Fruits and Vegetables

This is my very favorite store! I’m probably there 3-4 times/week, either at this shop or another like it. There are many of these fruit and vegetable markets around town. This is one of the bigger ones, and others can … Continue reading

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It’s Mango Season!

Mangoes do very well in Panama, and many of the trees are huge and very old. Not only are they beautiful trees, they give wonderful fruit. I always look forward to mango season! There are many types, some earlier, some … Continue reading

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Just a Few Miscellaneous Photos of This and That

I have various photos that don’t fit under any particular subject, just things I’ve come across as I go about my days. It is really nice here now. The rainy season has returned. It isn’t raining most days but we … Continue reading

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House Sharing in David #2

This home is in Villa del Carmen, a quiet middle class Panamanian neighborhood on the north side of David, just within the city limits. The neighborhood is surrounded by woods and a beautiful river runs along the east side. There … Continue reading

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House Sharing in David #1

Some people have popped up recently looking for short term rental possibilities in this area, so I am putting together a couple things that I know about. Here in David short term rentals are probably a bit difficult to find. … Continue reading

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la Feria Internacional de David

La Feria Internacional de David (the International Fair of David) is a yearly event in March. People come from a number of other countries to participate, and the fairgrounds come alive with activity. There are things for sale, things to … Continue reading

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Cost of Living Report – November 2014

We live in David, Chiriqui, Panama in a comfortable middle class neighborhood. Now and then, I track expenses and post a cost of living report. Costs to live in Panama vary widely depending on where and how you live. All … Continue reading

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Building a Bridge

There is a bridge over the Pan-American Highway here, and we have enjoyed watching the process from breaking ground to the traffic now driving over the new bridge. It has been fascinating! July 2013, big equipment showed up on either side of … Continue reading

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