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A Visit to Coronado

Our first stop in our current travels has been Coronado. This is a well known beach front community with many expats, located about an hour southwest of Panama City. I can see why expats would want to live here. It … Continue reading

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Moving Abroad – Health Care – NY Times Article

I was contacted recently by Tim Gray, a writer for the NY Times. He’s an excellent journalist, a really nice guy, and I’ve enjoyed our conversations and correspondence a lot. He’s written an article about health care and insurance options … Continue reading

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A New Panama Website full of Good Info

My friend Chris Powers has his new website up. He’s providing information on different aspects of life in Panama and various areas around the country. It’s a new site so there will be more and more good stuff coming along. … Continue reading

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One Year in Panama!

It’s almost hard to believe, but it was exactly one year ago that I left Florida. I remember how I felt – excited, happy, ambivalent (I was leaving Joel behind, not knowing how long we would be apart), not quite … Continue reading

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Negligent Bloggers (aka Retirement is not Boring!)

That’s me, negligent. I’m not sure why. I think someone has sped up time. I’ve been busy and doing too many things to write about them, and now I see days have passed since I’ve been here. We had a … Continue reading

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Change of Plans

We were going to Volcan today with our friends and neighbors but when a guy has to work, he’s got to work. Our neighbor is a welder and makes the metal door and window security covers that are common here. … Continue reading

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Gringo Meeting

On a good note (after my previous rant :D ) First, the water is back on. It’s really muddy so they must have been fixing something, but it should clear in a while. As much as it’s been raining it … Continue reading

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The Price of Living in Panama

My friends are writing a lot of posts that interest me lately! Today was The Price of Living in Boquete. My friend who lives in Boquete has seen two relocation tours come through town, and overheard what the people were … Continue reading

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Back in the Neighborhood

It’s hard to believe we’ve been back for almost two weeks now. We’ve come back to our quiet life so there isn’t much to report since our return. We’ve been resting up, working in the yard, doing daily things, spending … Continue reading

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Our Cost of Living in Panama – July 2013

July is 4 days short since we left for the US on the 27th, but I think this month’s accounting is useful enough to be worth posting. If we were still in Panama we would have only bought a few … Continue reading

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