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Recipe Night – La Lengua de Res

La Lengua de Res = Beef Tongue. Cedo and I were in Pricesmart wandering through the meat department where we saw the beef tongues. “Oh, esa es muy rica, muy muy rica!” (very very delicious). Hmmm OK, I’ll try anything … Continue reading

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Recipe Night – Lomo Relleno

Thank you Cedo for another recipe. Tonight is a beef dish stuffed with vegetables and topped with garnishes and a delicious sauce. First, buy a Lomo Redondo. The cuts of meat here are all different so I don’t know what … Continue reading

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A family in the neighborhood makes nacatamales every Friday and they are wonderful! A nacatamale is a traditional dish of Nicaragua and Honduras. This family makes two kinds, one with masa (corn) and pork, the other with rice and chicken. … Continue reading

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Making Tortillas

Tortillas are considerably easier than tamales! I had made them before out of dried corn, but this time my friend Cedo and I made them out of fresh corn. It’s pretty simple, really. Again, buy some corn on the cob, … Continue reading

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Making Tamales

Making Panamanian tamales is quite a production, but they are SO good. Cedo agreed to teach me how to do it as she had been taught by her grandmother. How cool is that! First we made just a few so … Continue reading

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A Surprise Treat – Great Italian Food in Coronado

Across from our hotel was a very pleasant looking little restaurant, Luna Rossa, so we decided to wander in for lunch. We never expected such a wonderful lunch! The management is from Florence, Italy, and I haven’t had such good … Continue reading

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Gringos at Gringos

Thursday we went to a gringos meeting at the new Gringos Restaurant, and had a lot of fun. We heard about the meeting from the yahoo group, Gringos in David Panama. We went to the Gringos Restaurant when we were … Continue reading

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It’s sadía (watermelon) season in Panama now. These watermelon range from really good to insanely delicious! The one we bought today is in the insanely delicious category. It’s so juicy and sweet, and downright wonderful. They sell for $.20/pound here … Continue reading

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Guandu con Arroz

Guandu are pigeon peas, and very popular in Panama. Guandu con arroz (with rice) is a traditional Christmas dish, so guandu are very expensive around that time. Many people grow them in their yards, including a number of my neighbors … Continue reading

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