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Marañón – Cashews

Summer in Panama is the time for cashews, both the nuts and the fruits. It’s really interesting to see how they grow! Before living in Panama I didn’t know there is also fruit, usually called a cashew apple. It’s very … Continue reading

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Gigantic Lemons!

There’s always something new around here. When we went to the new spot on the river, we passed a tree that was dropping big yellow citrus fruits on the ground.  They were bigger than grapefruit. I thought maybe they were … Continue reading

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Mango Season!

There are mango trees all over town with fruit on them. Some of these trees are huge! If they are in a well traveled area the fruit is usually picked up. If you can find one in a less traveled … Continue reading

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Marañón is Spanish for cashew. I love cashew nuts but never thought much about how they grow. There are a lot of them in this area so I’m curious to know more about them. So, I went home and did a bit … Continue reading

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Panamanian Mango Trees

There are mango trees, and then there are mango trees! I am familiar with mango trees. I had three in Florida, two of which survived a couple bad winters and were thriving when I left. Here in Panama there are … Continue reading

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