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It’s Mango Season!

Mangoes do very well in Panama, and many of the trees are huge and very old. Not only are they beautiful trees, they give wonderful fruit. I always look forward to mango season! There are many types, some earlier, some … Continue reading

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Windy Season!

In mid to late December the rainy season ends and summer starts. This is the dry and sometimes windy season. The last three days have been very windy indeed! It seems the winds have been stronger and have lasted longer … Continue reading

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Marañón – Cashews

Summer in Panama is the time for cashews, both the nuts and the fruits. It’s really interesting to see how they grow! Before living in Panama I didn’t know there is also fruit, usually called a cashew apple. It’s very … Continue reading

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Gigantic Lemons!

There’s always something new around here. When we went to the new spot on the river, we passed a tree that was dropping big yellow citrus fruits on the ground.  They were bigger than grapefruit. I thought maybe they were … Continue reading

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Mango Season!

There are mango trees all over town with fruit on them. Some of these trees are huge! If they are in a well traveled area the fruit is usually picked up. If you can find one in a less traveled … Continue reading

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Marañón is Spanish for cashew. I love cashew nuts but never thought much about how they grow. There are a lot of them in this area so I’m curious to know more about them. So, I went home and did a bit … Continue reading

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Panamanian Mango Trees

There are mango trees, and then there are mango trees! I am familiar with mango trees. I had three in Florida, two of which survived a couple bad winters and were thriving when I left. Here in Panama there are … Continue reading

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