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Traveling Back to the USA

We’ve been here over two years now, and it’s interesting the different thoughts that come to mind when I return to the USA. It’s the same trip back to the same country, but different things seem to strike me as … Continue reading

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Feliz Año Nuevo – Happy New Year

Celebrations in Panama are always fun and interesting, and New Year’s Eve is no exception. There are the expected midnight parties and lots of fireworks, of course, and something else I find especially interesting – the muñecos. A muñeco is … Continue reading

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Crocodiles in Panama

This interesting photo has been making the rounds lately on the internet and Facebook. Word is that this crocodile was caught in the Panama Canal near Colon at the north end of the canal. I do not know if it … Continue reading

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Christmas in Panama

Another holiday season is flying by! But, it has been another excellent Christmas. It is interesting to see how it is celebrated here, both the differences and similarities. One big similarity which I’m not sure is a good thing, is … Continue reading

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Yesterday we made a huge step towards residency – our temporary residency cards. They will serve as the real thing while everything is getting processed, which should take 2-6 months. I am so happy. I love this country so I … Continue reading

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A Gringo is Noticed

Today I encountered something I have noticed often. I cruise around town quite a bit on my bicycle. I may think I am only greeting some people I pass frequently, but I don’t realize how many other people notice my … Continue reading

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A Boquete Cost of Living Report – November 2014

A couple blog followers / friends who live in Boquete have shared their living expenses with me so I could also post them on the blog. Boquete is a beautiful town up in the mountains that is very popular with … Continue reading

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Canyons, Calves, and Coffee

Some friends and I went on an excursion the other day, and I wanted to share a few photos. It is always fun to go with someone when they see a place for the first time. Our first stop was … Continue reading

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A Farm Report

I visit my friend Cedo’s farm now and then, and since her family are far from here it is helpful if I post some photos for them. I also learn more every time I go so it’s very interesting for … Continue reading

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Building a Bridge

There is a bridge over the Pan-American Highway here, and we have enjoyed watching the process from breaking ground to the traffic now driving over the new bridge. It has been fascinating! July 2013, big equipment showed up on either side of … Continue reading

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