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Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement

Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement This week, show us a photo that says “achievement” to you: people meeting a long-worked-for goal. Something tangible you’ve created. A view from a journey you’ve completed, or the stating point of a journey not yet made … Continue reading

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The Month of Holidays

People joke that nothing gets done in Panama in November because there are so many holidays! Maybe, but things get done like celebrations, parades, fun, and days off to enjoy. The month began with Día de Difuntos on Sunday the … Continue reading

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The Finca (the Farm) Revisted

It seems like farming should be simple. The cows eat grass, come in to be milked, the milk gets sold, and life is good, right? The more I learn about farming the more I understand how complicated, and how expensive … Continue reading

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Panama Cost of Living Report – October 2014

What does it cost to live in Panama? The answer can vary widely depending on where and how you live. I can tell you though what it cost us to live in David, Chiriqui, for the month of October. Fixed … Continue reading

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Some Local Scenery

just another day in the life of a retired expat in Panama…. One of my longer bike routes takes me northwest of David through the countryside and up into the hills. It is so pretty! The other day I decided … Continue reading

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Scorpion? Again?

We were told that scorpions tend to come in houses during the dry season because they are looking for water. We have found this to be true so far. We are now in the height of rainy season though and … Continue reading

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Raquel’s Ark Wildlife Rescue

The next stop in our day with friends was Raquel’s Ark in Volcan. Raquel has a number of interesting animals and birds which she cares for and clearly loves. Most are tame and enjoy visitors so it is a great … Continue reading

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Car Trouble in Panama

A little bad luck, a lot of good luck and good people, and an interesting day. I have a 97 Mazda, not fancy but a sturdy little car. I have had a number of people beg me to sell it … Continue reading

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Two Years

It is hard to believe my two year mark passed on the 10th of this month. The time has gone fast and it hardly seems possible. But, it also feels like I have been here long enough that this life is … Continue reading

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Boca Chica – Bocas del Mar Hotel

Next to the Seagullcove Lodge in Boca Chica is another hotel, Bocas del Mar. We noticed steps going up from our hotel’s beach so we decided to wander over and take a look. It’s a very new looking hotel with … Continue reading

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