Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

The instructions are:  Masterpiece. No matter where you are (and where you’ve been), I’m certain you’ve stumbled upon something extraordinary: a place that blows your mind; a work of art or object that speaks to you; or even a location or scene that’s special, unusual, or even magical in some way.  For this challenge, get creative. Reach far. And remember that “masterpiece” can mean many things. We want to see awesome sites you’ve discovered, fantastic things you’ve come upon, wondrous moments you’ve captured, and more.  

masterpiece ceibo 1

In my mind, there is no masterpiece more amazing that what nature provides, like the trees that grow in Panama. There is no way photos can do justice to this one in our neighborhood. It is huge and the branches look as big as trees themselves. They also support a large variety of bromeliads, ferns, vines, and other plants.

masterpiece ceibo 2

This is the massive trunk that supports this great tree. If it wasn’t in someone’s private yard I would have asked Joel to stand in front for some scale. It’s bigger than it looks in the photo.

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  1. indacampo says:

    You can tell the scale of the tree by the house beside it. It is massive! Gracias for sharing. 🙂


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