Border Run 101

Another experience making the border run to get the passports stamped.

Chapter 3: Loving Retirement in Panama and now, Colombia

People who come to Panama arrive with a Tourist Visa. It allows you to stay for 180 days. Sounds easy but what a lot of people do not know is that your driver’s license is only good for 90 days. that means that these visitors must cross the border in order to continue to use their home-country driver’s license.

We tried to do this quick trip across the border into Costa Rica a few weeks ago. We were told we could not do it because we would have to be gone 24 hours for them to check us back into Panama. We went to Rio Serreno, near Volcan, and there are no places to stay in this very tiny town. So we returned home and planned to return shortly.

Then our calendar began to fill and we didn’t have 24 hours until yesterday. Our Florida licenses were not valid after…

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