Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

THIS WEEK, SHOW US A PHOTO THAT SAYS “GOOD MORNING!”  It could be a shot taken during your morning walk, the morning vista out your kitchen window, your cat doing a pre-breakfast stretch, or a textured close-up of your oatmeal bubbling away at the stove.


This is my morning spot, the patio looking out into the backyard. We have breakfast and lunch here, and this is also my outdoor office.

That’s my computer on the table. The bucket hold my pencils, cords, and whatever else I carry in and out. There are some plant cuttings rooting in jars, the binoculars, and a container of lizard eggs I found in a window. I think one of them hatched because there has been a tiny gecko running around the table since last night.

We collect rain water in the white buckets for watering potted plants and other uses if the water isn’t on in the house. The bananas on the floor are from the woods across the street and should be ripe in a week or so.

The closer tree in the yard is a guanabana (soursap), much loved by everyone but us so fruits are given away when ripe, much to the delight of our neighbors. The tree farther in the distance is an orange tree. There are  black squirrels nesting towards the top and we enjoy seeing them as they come and go. The banana trees are from the woods also, and should have more of those red bananas at some point.

The yard behind us is Narda’s place. She loves flowers and fruits so we have a good time talking about gardening and admiring her plants and trees. She’s out quite a bit so our meals are often interrupted for a hello and a chat.

There are always birds singing, various insects visiting, and butterflies flying about. It’s a nice way to greet every day!

That photo was taken this morning. It’s evening now – dark, raining, and thundering. I’m still outside at that same table watching the rain and lightning. It’s wonderful to live in a place where the temperatures are so nice and there are so few annoying insects that you can pretty much live outside.

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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19 Responses to Weekly Photo Challenge: Good Morning!

  1. We have a big gecko running around inside our house, we named him George.


  2. Gosh this makes me miss the tropics. Looks and sounds wonderful 🙂


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  4. Robert & Helen Berding says:

    Nice ! We have also two tame little sparrows, that come early in the morning to me singing, sitting on my shoulder waiting to give them their food en water on the kitchen counter.
    About ants. We ahem sometimes plenty of them. Black ones, red ones and they bite. More very small brown and black ants. The brown one do not bite and eat no meat, but love sugar. The black one eat meat and bite immediately. I trace where they come from and poor hot water with salt. After that I spray water with the hose. Sometimes we have some noisy big brown frogs and they shit badly. We put salt at night in front of our veranda doors and entrance door. They go away.


    • Aww, how nice about your sparrows! What a nice way to start your mornings.
      A friend told me about mixing boric acid, sugar, and water and putting it in cotton balls to control ants. If they get out of hand in the house we do that and it works surprisingly well.
      We had noisy tree frogs on our house in Florida. They would hang out behind the shutters and make a real mess, so we finally took the shutters down. Here though we can hear frogs towards the river but we haven’t seen many around the house.


  5. Passenger says:

    Reminds me of my mom’s house. always so welcoming. Thank you for sharing and stopping by. 🙂


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  7. sabrina says:

    I thought there was a lot of insects?!? Is it just the time of year? I cant wait to visit…we are researching Panama and Nicaragua. Do you have any comparisons to Nicaragua? Thanks!
    Cheers ftom Colorado 🙂


    • There are tons of insects but nothing annoying. It’s rainy season now and I have actually seen some mosquitoes, but only one here and there, certainly not enough to drive you indoors like most places in the US I know. We have more types of bees than I’ve seen before but they are very mellow and just come by to visit. There are also many types of ants, lots of little flying bugs, interesting little bugs in the grass, moths, butterflies… I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many different kinds of insects and many of them are really beautiful, but it doesn’t seem like any of them are a problem. A lot of Panamanians in this area spend most of their time outdoors and many houses have no windows or screens, only that decorative cinder block with openings instead of windows.
      I’m sorry though, I don’t know anything about Nicaragua so I don’t have any comparisons.


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