Cartagena, Columbia

The first stop on our cruise was Cartagena, Columbia. I was very excited to visit here! This was my first glimpse of Columbia and South America, and I was curious to see what it was like. We woke to a beautiful sunrise, and coming into the city was spectacular! It was a clear day with blue skies and blue water, and as the city came into view it was gleaming white in the sunlight.

We docked right next to the container port which was really interesting. I had never seen such a port in action, and even though it was Sunday they were unloading the boat next to us as well as a couple others on the other side of it. So, between that and securing our boat, there was a lot of activity when we arrived.

Cartagena has an interesting history, and there is a Wikipedia article here. It was plundered and fought over by many people, but the Spanish were the main occupiers. Today it is a thriving city with a lot of industry, much of it based on petroleum products. Tourism is also an important business. The container port is the busiest in the country.

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    Enjoy historical part of the city.


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