Dogs at the Swimming Hole

Our friends invited us to go to a swimming hole, along with their dogs and some other friends and their dogs, so I think altogether we ended up with eight people and probably as many dogs. It was a very fun afternoon in a great place!

We were told that this spot is known as the Caldera beach. We drove through the town of Caldera and beyond, until we found the turn off down a very rocky and bumpy road that lead to the spot. Of course you can’t drive anywhere without seeing beautiful scenery all along the way, and of course I couldn’t resist some photos.

The swimming home is such a pleasant place. Rivers tend to be rocky but there were sandy areas near the shore. The water was high and bit muddy because of recent heavy rains, but we were told there is usually more beach, and the water is usually clear enough to see the submerged rocks which make great places to stand while you relax. We still managed to find quite a few though.

The dogs had a great time swimming and playing. The people also spent a most enjoyable time swimming and then relaxing under the tree. But like all good things, the time comes to head back home. Some gorgeous thunderheads were forming and I should have reached for my camera sooner.

On the drive home we could see the rain in the distance, then the wet roads, and I can’t remember if it was raining when we got home or if it started later. It’s been raining off an on for the rest of the afternoon though and it’s gotten quite cool (well cool for us, 74 now as the sun is setting). It’s really pleasant sitting out here on the terrace watching it rain after such a nice day. Thank you John and Susan for inviting us, for driving, and for showing us such a nice place!


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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  1. You are most welcome – so glad you, Joel and Steffi could make it! It’s one of our favorite spots and we enjoy sharing it 🙂


  2. Patti & Eddie says:

    What an excellent description, Chris! Thank you for sharing & we plan to be there with you all for the next one!
    Patti & Eddie 😃😄


  3. C. L. Temple says:

    Aren’t there some dangers lurking there at streams that you have to look out for? I mean like loads of snakes and crocodiles? Piranha fish ? Are you worried about the Zika virus there? Surely did enjoy your pictures. Thank you for your blog.


    • No crocodiles here, but they are in the canal area and Lake Gatun. We have some snakes, not loads, and they aren’t known to be a danger in the water (or on land as long as you don’t stick your hands in the woodpile or other risky behaviors). No piranaha fish. People swim in the water a lot, especially in the dry season. I’ve never heard of anyone having a problem with any wildlife.
      There is zika here but I haven’t heard of anyone infected, though there has been news of some cases in the media. I’m more concerned about dengue and chikungunya, though thankfully there doesn’t seem to be much of that either in our area.
      Thanks, glad you enjoy the blog, and appreciate you taking the time to comment 🙂


  4. jim and nena says:

    Hola Kris,
    This looks like Rio Chiriqui Nuevo by the run of the river project towards Fortuna? The last time we were near there was the dry season so hardly any water. One of the great things about the seasons is the wet season brings all new water pouring down the channels to flush out the dry season debris. Just try to not be in the channel when the first rush begins! 🙂

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    • I’m not exactly sure where we were so you probably know better than I do. We did cross a water channel that was part of the water system. Yes indeed, in the rainy season I think one must always have a quick exit plan because you never know when it might start pouring up in the mountains and all that water will come rushing down!


    • jim and nena says:

      The project I was thinking about was this one
      We were in that area long before the hydro project was there so yes; an exit plan during the rainy season was a must. The cangilones de Gualaca are another great swimming area but the terrain is rugged and the water can be 10 feet below the rock channel. Of course the water can be above the channel at times, too! Gualaca is near the terminus of the Esti project. The best part of the area you were in is that the water has a chance to heat up from the 48 degrees of the Caldera in Boquete. It also looked much clearer.

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      • Sorry, took me a bit to find time to check out that very interesting link. Thanks for that.
        I’ve been to the cangilones in Gualaca a couple times. What a beautiful spot!
        Yes, the water in the swimming hole was very pleasant, just a bit cool, perfect for a warm day. My friends said it is usually very clear when it hasn’t been raining hard the day before.


      • Truly enjoy reading your comments Jim – you’re a never ending fountain of fascinating knowledge. – Wendy


  5. Ah what a splendid day – dogs free to swim in the river with their people – no leashes. Those volcanic rocks look as inviting as the water. Beautiful spot.


    • There are a lot of great spots in the area. You just have to know someone who knows how to find them. I don’t think leashes are required for dogs anywhere and it’s very common to see dogs just running loose anywhere you go.

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