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Christmas in Panama

What did we do on Christmas day here? First, some housekeeping. Joel cleaned the bathroom with the power washer. It’s all tile and cement, so why not, and it does a fast job. Then some Boquete friends invited us to … Continue reading

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Another Great Christmas in Panama

It was a great holiday weekend here! It started Friday night. Joel’s band had a gig in Boquete. I went along and saw some good friends, enjoyed the music, and had a really nice evening. Even the drive up was … Continue reading

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Christmas Shopping

It’s that time again. Black Friday is tomorrow. It’s time to go shopping and get all those presents for everyone on your list. It’s the same in Panama. Christmas is a big deal and there is lots of shopping, and … Continue reading

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Celebrating Christmas with Latino and Indigenous Families in Panama

An interesting article from Habla Ya’s blog about celebrating Christmas in Panama….. Usually I try to be home for Christmas with my family in the USA since that is the only time I really get to be with them since … Continue reading

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It’s Looking like Christmas

It is the Christmas season, and as we’ve learned in Florida and Panama, one need not have freezing weather and snow to get in the Christmas spirit. The season is also evident in the Seattle area where we have been … Continue reading

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Christmas in Panama

Another holiday season is flying by! But, it has been another excellent Christmas. It is interesting to see how it is celebrated here, both the differences and similarities. One big similarity which I’m not sure is a good thing, is … Continue reading

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Más Feliz Navidad (More Merry Christmas)

We had a great time on Christmas Eve, but on Christmas day there was more. My Spanish teacher and friend called to invite me to her house for an afternoon party. She spent so much time on line trying to … Continue reading

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Christmas Lights in Panama

I’ve always liked the holiday lights. It’s a dark time of year and the lights brighten things up. Panama is close to the equator so the length of the days changes very little, but I still enjoy the lights. So, … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Another year, another trip around the sun! The older I get the faster they seem to go. Panama celebrates Christmas with parties and many fireworks on Christmas Eve, climaxing at midnight. Then, greetings are exchanged, gifts are opened, and Christmas … Continue reading

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Summer is Here

Panama seasons are a bit upside down from what we are used to in the north. Summer starts in December and ends in April. It’s the time for hot dry weather, sometimes accompanied by strong winds. Schools are on vacation, … Continue reading

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