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Homeless in the USA

The homeless problem in the US has really tugged at my heartstrings. I rode my bike through the Pacific Northwest a couple years ago and write about how I felt out there.   It was the most lonely experience I can … Continue reading

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The Homeless Chronicles Pt. 15: An Update and a Thank You!

I haven’t written any new entries lately because I have been working hard to change my situation. I didn’t realize that it’s been 18 days since my last blog, so I will give an upd… Source: The Homeless Chronicles Pt. … Continue reading

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The Homeless Thing, Again

There is a blogger who I don’t know, but she has touched me through her words. There are many things that need to be fixed in the USA but homelessness has found a place in my heart. Last spring I got … Continue reading

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The Mentally Ill Homeless Need Care – has our society lost it’s soul ?

This article about homelessness in Australia was written by one of my blog followers. The USA is not the only country that struggles with these issues. Click the link below to read the whole article, and while you are there … Continue reading

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Homeless in the USA

A third of the homeless people in America are over 50. I’m one of them. I ran across this interesting article today, an interview with a 66 year old homeless woman.  She talks about how it happened, the fear, the … Continue reading

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What it’s Really Like to Be Homeless: From an Educated Woman’s Point of View

Originally posted on WarriorsandGhosts:
We’ve all been exposed the seemingly growing population of homeless people, wherever we go. From small towns to big cities, they seem to be everywhere now. As we rush off to our jobs or appointments, we…

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The Homeless Traveler

Originally posted on The Silver Wheels Blog:
I’m back in Panama, reflecting on my bicycle tour, and sorting out thoughts that I’ve had for a while now. I knew I would see beautiful places, face physical challenges, and be alone but…

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Looking Back at the Old Life in the USA

I was raised in the USA and lived there my whole life. I’m sure that describes a lot of you too. I’d barely been out of the country and I believed what we were taught, that the USA is the … Continue reading

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November Holidays, and visiting the USA

I was going to write about many November holidays in Panama. The joke is nothing gets done in November because of them, but fun things do get done. There are parades and festivities, and time off from work. There’s a … Continue reading

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What is Weird?

It’s natural that when you move to a different country, there will be things that seem weird. Maybe the language isn’t quite what you learned in your textbook, or the food has unfamiliar ingredients. There are birds and bugs you … Continue reading

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