I am sleeping on this couch at the moment. That white box is next to it though because I was bad and started eating the underside of the couch. Now they won’t let me get to it any more.

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  1. Too funny! What an adorable pup! I’m sure you say it somewhere on this blog, but I haven’t found it yet, so I’ll go ahead and ask… Is that an Argentine Dogo?


    • Actually, now that my eyes are focusing more, I see that he is not white… he’s tan, so I guess not an Argentine Dogo. Pitbull then? Too adorable! Actually, that brings me to another question, though… How are pit bull “type” dogs viewed in Panama? I have an American Staffordshire and as I get closer to potentially moving to that country, I find that I’m worried about that. Our dogs are like our children in our household, so if that was going to be a major issue (moreso than the US, I mean), then it could potentially be a dealbreaker for us.


      • He’s just a pup of a couple neighborhood dogs who don’t appear to be of any particular breed.
        A lot of people have dogs in Panama as guard dogs, including pit bulls. Many people are afraid of any large dog which is why people like to have one. I don’t think there is any feelings about pit bulls in particular though. As far as I know, no one trains them to be vicious so they don’t have the reputation they have in the US. One of my neighbors has one and no one has said a thing in the neighborhood.


  2. Thanks for letting me know!


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