California – Grandson Photos

We’re still in California, our second stop on our USA trip. We’ve had a great time and I hate to leave, but I’m looking forward to the next stops very much. Our grandson is here in California so of course I have to post a bunch of baby photos. It’s a grandma thing and of the most interest to family so I won’t blame you if you click on by. He’s three months old now though, smiling and talking and so much more interactive, so it’s been really fun to have some time with him.


Who can resist a happy, talking baby 😀


Some of these are already up on Facebook so excuse any repeats, but there are some new ones too. It’s fun to have such a good photography subject!

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8 Responses to California – Grandson Photos

  1. Camden is sooooo adorable & animated! Your photos are terrific & thank you for sharing him.


  2. Helena B. says:

    One day I’ll be a grandma; for now I can only share in the joy and wonderment of others. Such a blessing.


  3. Maureen says:

    So beautiful, I love his red hair. Enjoy him with lots of grandma kisses..


  4. jim and nena says:

    LOVE grandkid photos, ours or anyone’s. He is a sweetheart!
    Our 2 oldest are redheads, Red One, and Red Two.
    All four of them call us, ‘Buelo and ‘Buela already.


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