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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.

Hope in Colon, Panama

It’s time to watch some videos! Get a coffee and a comfortable spot and let’s learn a bit about Colon. I talked a bit about VGIRL TV’s YouTube channel in my last post. Because of her, I’ve learn a … Continue reading

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Brighten a Kid’s Christmas in Colon

I have an idea for a wonderful Christmas present, something truly in the spirit of Christmas giving. I’ve been watching VGIRL TV on YouTube for a while. She’s a young mother who lives in Panama City. She talks about … Continue reading

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A Few More Things

In my last post I was thinking about what has changed for me in the ten years since I moved here. I forgot to mention the things I used to take for granted. You open the faucet and expect water … Continue reading

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Ten Years

Ten years ago, I got on a plane bound for Panama with a suitcase and a laptop bag. I had little idea what the future would hold. Ten years later I’m still here with Joel in the same city and … Continue reading

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What? Write Something?

I know I have a blog, and the point of a blog is to write things or post pictures or do something with it. I’ve been terribly lax for weeks. But at the moment I’m sitting on the terrace watching … Continue reading

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Help my Friend

Richard Philbrick has been a friend of ours for many years. He’s a very interesting guy. He’s worked in journalism and publishing. He’s written books. He’s been a boat captain, sometimes delivering boats for people across the Atlantic. He’s lived … Continue reading

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Strange Things

We’ve been here almost ten years so you would think the newness has worn off. But it seems like there is always something I’ve never seen before. What is this? We found a total of four of these hard little … Continue reading

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The Roads are Open

Whew! Life is returning to normal in Panama. There were protests for over three weeks that shut down the Panamerican Highway, the only highway through the country. Panama City was running out of perishables that come from Chiriqui, the western … Continue reading

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Protests and Unrest in Panama

Things are a mess in Panama at the moment. We heard about protests when we were back in the USA and now, after more than two weeks, things don’t seem any better. The Panamerican Highway is the one artery through … Continue reading

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Travel Complications, and the New Terminal #2 at Tocumen Airport

We were super fortunate on our trip. There are stories everywhere about problems with airline travel, but we took multiple flights with few problems. But our luck was bound to run out at some point. We got to the Dallas … Continue reading

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