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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.

Panama Hats

A Panama Hat is a straw brimmed hat made from fibers of the toquilla palm. It’s great for the tropics because it’s light weight, breathable, and protects from the sun. But, the Panama hat is actually made in Ecuador!  Panama … Continue reading

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An immigrant refugee story

The immigration issue has been a big deal, especially lately. On one side, we can’t take care of the whole world when we have our own people to care for. On the other, we have enough resources to care for … Continue reading

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Expat? Immigrant? Refugee?

I never gave the terminology much thought until a friend send me this article here. “Expat” (short for expatriate) seems to be the most commonly used term I have heard. There are Facebook groups like Expats in Panama and websites like … Continue reading

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Wet Weather

It’s the height of rainy season so we expect a lot of rain, but the weather has outdone itself the last few days. Wednesday afternoon the rain came in full force. There is a video in the last post of … Continue reading

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Six Years in Panama

Six years ago today I landed in Panama with my suitcase and computer bag, ready to start my new life. I don’t have much different to say from last year, or the year before. It’s been a happy report every … Continue reading

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El Puerco

Puerco means pig, but here it also means a large bag of assorted vegetables. You see them being sold in the street and in some produce markets. Friends we met through the blog are exploring Panama, and they are currently … Continue reading

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Organ Donation

I strongly believe in organ donation. If your brain has ceased to function and you have healthy organs that can give the gift of life and health to others, why not? And, your family and friends can also appreciate that … Continue reading

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Water Woes

I’m very happy here, but there are still the occasional annoying issues. Last March we put in a water tank. March is the end of the dry season and we had many days without water. It would come back on … Continue reading

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The Federal Mall

They are building a HUGE mall not far from where we live, so I bike over there now and then to see how it is progressing. At first they spent what seemed like months moving dirt around, clearing boulders, and … Continue reading

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A Year Playing Bass in the Band

It feels like a milestone. September 18 of last year was my very first gig. By June of last year it was obvious that band was losing their bass player. He was spending more and more time in Colombia, and … Continue reading

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