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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.

No Guest Posts

I receive numerous requests for guest posts for this blog. Sometimes they even arrive daily. I made the decision to only publish my own writing quite a long time ago. I feel bad ignoring requests but I also don’t want … Continue reading

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Love or Fear

My friend Elsa is launching this project. I have met many, many people in my life. I have friends, coworkers, acquaintances, clients and patients throughout the years. Many I have forgotten, but some have stayed with me. Elsa is one … Continue reading

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Cost of Living, Retirement, Etc.

I’ve come across a few articles lately… Places where it’s so cheap to live you up might not need to work! Well…. maybe you won’t need to work as much (unless you have another source of income). It’s interesting … Continue reading

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Critters in the Trees

I don’t post as many bugs and critters as I used to, but occasionally one still catches my eye. We have a plumeria tree that has gotten quite large and drops fragrant flowers for us. Yesterday I noticed a number … Continue reading

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Cost of Living Report, December 2018

We haven’t done this in ages, so I thought it might be interesting to track expenses for a month. Maybe this will be useful if you are considering living in Panama, but keep in mind costs can vary widely depending … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Another year, another trip around the sun! The older I get the faster they seem to go. Panama celebrates Christmas with parties and many fireworks on Christmas Eve, climaxing at midnight. Then, greetings are exchanged, gifts are opened, and Christmas … Continue reading

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Band Equipment Issues

What a crazy night last night with the band! When you hear a band, you don’t think of everything that is involved with making that sound, and all the potential failure points in the equipment. My bass rig alone…. the … Continue reading

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Summer is Here

Panama seasons are a bit upside down from what we are used to in the north. Summer starts in December and ends in April. It’s the time for hot dry weather, sometimes accompanied by strong winds. Schools are on vacation, … Continue reading

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Bully the Plant

IKEA has an ad that shows two plants in identical growing conditions. One is told nice things for 30 days, and the other is told bad things. At the end of 30 days the difference is very obvious. The complimented … Continue reading

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All of us have probably been touched by suicide – someone close, someone we know who lost someone, someone we have heard about, someone in the news, or even a battle of our own. The pain is heartbreaking and those … Continue reading

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