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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.

California, a Week of Fire

It’s been exactly a week since my daughter and her family fled Santa Rosa in the early hours of the morning as the fires rushed into the city. I know there are disasters in many other places but this is … Continue reading

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A Cane Toad Can Kill Your Dog

My neighbors found their dog dead one morning. At first they thought some bad person had poisoned him. But, why would someone poison this scruffy but friendly dog who roams the neighborhood? Robbers have been known to poison guard dogs, … Continue reading

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Five Years in Panama

Tuesday, Oct 10, five years ago was when I arrived in Panama intending to make it my new home. Joel followed in November after wrapping things up in Florida. I came with few expectations. I figured there would be problems … Continue reading

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California Wildfires, Continued

The devastation of the fires is just incredible. I’ve been following news and updates from here while my daughter concentrates on taking care of herself and her family. They are fine at the moment, back at home, and even have … Continue reading

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California Wildfires

My older daughter lives in Santa Rosa, California. She was awakened in the early hours of Monday morning to learn that large parts of the city were being evacuated because fires were rushing into the city. Conditions were very dry … Continue reading

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Panama is cold and wet, very very wet

October and November are the height of rainy season, and it has been raining! Tropical storm Nate has been moving through the Caribbean and causing a lot of the rain. I think it was Tuesday, it started in the early … Continue reading

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Another Lunch Idea

We always have plenty of fresh veggies thanks to our veggie venders who come by our house every week. We also discovered tilapia fillets at Pricesmart that are ready to eat, very easy. One of my favorite lunches is veggies … Continue reading

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A Bit of Wildlife

We love living next to a wooded area because of all the wildlife, mostly birds and bugs. Maybe not so much the scorpion that walked across the patio almost under our feet last night, but the majority of the wildlife … Continue reading

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Construction Projects

It seems like everywhere you look something is being built or remodeled. One of the biggest projects is the Federal Mall currently under construction. It is being done by the same people who did Albrook Mall in Panama City and … Continue reading

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What’s For Lunch?

Some friends suggested it might be interesting to share some of our favorite meals. We are lucky to live in Chiriqui where so much fresh produce is grown. There are markets and vendors all over town, and our veggie guy … Continue reading

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