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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.

Hanging out with the family

it’s always such a pleasure to be with family, and now there are grandchildren too. They have changed so much in even the few months since my last visit. The weekend was busy with everyone home, and the usual chores … Continue reading

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Flying to the USA

My family lives on the west coast of the US so it’s much easier for us to go to them, especially now that they have little kids. It’s a long trip. Thursday we took the bus from David to Panama … Continue reading

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On the Bus

Traveling from David to the west coast of the USA is a lengthy business. Thankfully we are retired and nothing has to be done in a hurry. The flight to the US is an all day thing. There are flights … Continue reading

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What do you do a Rainy Day?

October and November are the rainiest months of the rainy season in Panama. Usually the mornings are sunny and beautiful. In the afternoon the clouds gather and by late afternoon it is likely to rain, sometimes with a huge downpour. … Continue reading

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The Mentally Ill Homeless Need Care – has our society lost it’s soul ?

This article about homelessness in Australia was written by one of my blog followers. The USA is not the only country that struggles with these issues. Click the link below to read the whole article, and while you are there … Continue reading

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Four Years in Panama

October 10th, four years ago, I boarded a plane for Panama to start a new life. I was excited and looking forward to the future but I had no idea what a good life this would turn out to be! … Continue reading

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Tiny Eggs

When I brought the laundry in from the clothesline a few days ago, I noticed some tiny green eggs on one of the socks. There was a bright green beetle with orange edges on another sock so this could be … Continue reading

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Boquete Area Land for Sale

My friend Eduardo has a piece of land for sale. If you go on Via Boquete to the Plaza San Francisco, turn west on that road and go about 4 miles, that is where you will find this land. Eduardo … Continue reading

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Managing your Money

I went to the ATM yesterday and asked for $200, and got it all in $5 bills! Usually the ATM gives $20 bills but sometimes you run into someone who doesn’t have that much change, so I’m not unhappy about … Continue reading

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Bugs and Creepy Crawlers

I love the large variety of interesting and beautiful insects and critters in Panama. I try to keep a camera nearby just in case. I spend a lot of time outside on the terrace, and I am frequently visited by … Continue reading

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