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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.

A Panamanian House

Coming from the US, we are used to a certain style of construction. In Panama things are often done differently. This house came up for rent in our neighborhood so we stopped by to look in the windows. Houses here … Continue reading

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A Nighttime Visitor

I was sitting at my table on the terrace the other night, and this beautiful moth landed on my mosquito candle (it wasn’t lit). It just stayed there for the rest of the night until I went to bed, but … Continue reading

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The Psychological Benefits of Writing

I ran across this article on writing about the benefits of writing. I don’t write this blog as a mental health thing for myself, but rather to record and remember various things that interest me, and to keep friends and family … Continue reading

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First you Whine, then you Celebrate

Not long ago, I was complaining about the papaya that lost its top. We found the top with all the leaves and green fruit lying on the ground. But, I also mentioned another tree that was growing on the corner of … Continue reading

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What it’s Really Like to Be Homeless: From an Educated Woman’s Point of View

Originally posted on WarriorsandGhosts:
We’ve all been exposed the seemingly growing population of homeless people, wherever we go. From small towns to big cities, they seem to be everywhere now. As we rush off to our jobs or appointments, we…

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Water Woes

Panama has a lot going on, but in some ways it is still a developing country. It’s also growing at a rapid rate and the infrastructure sometimes struggles to keep up. We are used to being without water for short … Continue reading

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How Retired Are You? (and a baby lizard)

My nursing license is due for renewal. Should one leave past bridges open? Should you hang on to the possibility of working again? I am having trouble getting past the feeling that I should maintain my license. I’ve been a … Continue reading

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Who Can You Trust?

Bob Adams has made a number of videos about living and getting things done in Panama. He does a lot of research, and I think he is sensible, honest, and intelligent. He’s not trying to sell anything either, just share … Continue reading

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Problems with Papayas

If I was in charge of papayas around here, nobody would have any papayas. I have been growing them since I’ve been here, but I’ve only had a couple fairly bad fruits in all this time. They are easy to … Continue reading

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Hunting for Mangoes

Some of the mango trees are still fruiting and dropping fruit on the ground. One advantage of riding a bike around town is knowing where these trees can be found. There is one near the entrance to our neighborhood, and … Continue reading

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