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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.

A little Clarity in the Confusion about Visas

Panama immigration issued a decree a week ago that resulted in a lot of confusion. I posted about it here. It said quite clearly that tourists will now have visas for 90 days, instead of the previous 180 days and … Continue reading

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This is not an unknown state for me, especially living in another country and culture, and especially as disorganized as I can be at times. Recently I posted about the decree decreasing tourist visas from 180 to 90 days. This … Continue reading

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Panama Shortens Tourist Visa to 90 days

President Varela published a decree on January 10th that stated the tourist visa would be 90 days (it used to be 180 days). If you are applying for residency you can get permission to be here for 6 months (it … Continue reading

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This is summer in Panama and the trade winds are blowing, and blowing, and blowing! This is the third very windy day in a row. Up in the mountains the winds are even stronger, and some areas have also been … Continue reading

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Summer Flowers and Fruits

It seems odd talking about summer when so many of you are freezing and shoveling snow up north, but even though we are slightly north of the equator we tend to have more southern hemisphere weather patterns. The temperature may … Continue reading

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So Many Birds

Panama has so many birds, and most of them are new to me. It is said that there are more different species of birds here than in all of North America! My bird books have a permanent home right by … Continue reading

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The World is Full of Good People

I feel like I have been showered with so much kindness lately! I went biking this morning and was greeted with so many “hola”s and “Feliz Año”s and “Buen Dia”s. Two cars followed me through a couple high traffic areas with … Continue reading

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On Being Fat

Overweight and obesity are such a huge problems for so many people. Eat less, move more. Easy. Yeah right. Yes, there are success stories but they are few and far between. Oprah Winfrey has every resource there is, but she … Continue reading

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We Wanted some Pork…

so we bought a whole pig. (Warning, this post has pictures of pork, some of which look quite pig-like) We bought a pig in the past which worked out very well. We didn’t know how to cut it up though … Continue reading

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Feliz Año Nuevo

Another trip around the sun, as they say. This is a perfect time to reflect on the passing year and to think about the coming one. What did I say last year? Don’t allow the blog to feel like a … Continue reading

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