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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.

Dengue and Other Tropical Diseases

Life in Panama is not without risk of some nasty tropical diseases. The easily identified, beautiful, but potentially deadly aedes aegypti mosquito lives here and can carry dengue, Zika, chikungunya, and yellow fever, a disease that killed so many who … Continue reading

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Define Freedom

I had an interesting conversation with a Panamanian friend. Her son and other family members are visiting his wife’s brother and family in Colorado. He said it’s beautiful there, so clean and orderly. The yards all look nice, and there … Continue reading

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The Misbehaving Eye

At first it just seemed like it was harder to read. Pharmacy magnifying glasses have worked very well but all of a sudden they didn’t. My left eye seemed cloudy and no amount of rubbing and cleaning glasses made a … Continue reading

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Bug of the Day

Rainy season has returned, which always seems to bring various bugs. June bugs and beetles from tiny to huge have been around for a while. Sometimes there are little flying insects. Sometimes there are big ones with wings that don’t … Continue reading

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Figuring out the Airlines

Good luck with that. Ha! I am going back to the US to visit family and help with the expected new granddaughter. Copa’s direct flight from Panama City to San Francisco used to be crazy expensive, but now it’s about … Continue reading

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Panamanian Citrus

I was surprised to find a lot of citrus in this tropical country, but it seems to thrive here. Of course I was familiar with citrus from living in Florida, but it was the usual oranges, grapefruits, and some lemons … Continue reading

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Why I Left the US

Joel alerted me to this really interesting and well written article by a woman who has lived outside the USA for 20 years. She talks about a much better work – life balance, lack of fears of gun violence, … Continue reading

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What’s Going on?

Not much, or a lot depending on how you look at things. I’ve been back from the US for about two weeks, so the first week I needed a bit of time to recover from traveling and to reacquaint myself … Continue reading

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Poison Dart Frog

I was having breakfast on the terrace and something small and blue caught my eye as it hopped across the cement. I’ve seen these little frogs in the past, but not very often. It is said there are also red … Continue reading

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California Wildfires Recovery

There have been many disasters in the US and world wide, but the fires in Northern California concerned me especially since they destroyed so much of Santa Rosa where my daughter lives. She evacuated with her family in the middle … Continue reading

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