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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.

Shopping in Panama

People not familiar with Panama have expressed concern that we wouldn’t have everything we need here. So, I decided to take some pictures in a few of the stores near us. We have some very nice shopping options near us. … Continue reading

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Photos by Joel

Yesterday we decided to go out for a drive. Our destination was the Caldera hot springs which I hear are nothing remarkable, but since they are in our area I wanted to see them anyway. We fired up Google navigation … Continue reading

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Going to the Movies

We have never gone out to the movies much, but sometimes there is something special I want to see. This time it was Hands of Stone, about the Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán. I really enjoyed the movie! It was very … Continue reading

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Growing Food, Plantains and Yuca

I love to grow things in the yard. If those things produce food so much the better. In this yard we have planted bananas, plantains, pineapple, yucca, and a few other interesting things. I even have a cacao plant which … Continue reading

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Sometimes Luck Smiles on You

Today has been a really good day in spite of some problems. Or, maybe I should say the problems were so much less because of some good things. Yesterday we had plans to do laundry. But…. no water. The water … Continue reading

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Just Riding Around

I always have my camera with me so it doesn’t take long to accumulate a collection of pictures. The other day I rode out towards Aguacatal, one of my favorite routes. Villa Patricia is a new housing development going in … Continue reading

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The Beautiful of the Panamanian Mountains

Yesterday we drove to Boquete on a sunny late afternoon, ran into clouds and a bit of rain on the way, and arrived in the Boquete area just as the clouds were clearing. We couldn’t resist stopping at the Mirador … Continue reading

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House for Rent

Sometimes people ask about housing in our area, and a house I know fairly well has become available in our neighborhood. I know it because a couple friends, other expats, lived there before family circumstances called them back to the … Continue reading

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Walmart Cometh

Some time ago, I saw a sign for a Walmart. Some people were not happy, but others said it was only a joke. Unfortunately current evidence makes it look quite real. Does Panama really need a Walmart? I don’t know, … Continue reading

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Getting Things Done – License Plates and the Long Saga of the Microwave

Sometimes getting things done in Panama can be … ahem … interesting. Do not ever count on anything being fast or easy. Sometimes it is, but now always. Fast and easy was my car that needed new license plates. I … Continue reading

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