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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.

More on Panama Real Estate

Joel is very good at internet research. He found a few things I’d like to share. The first was written in January, 2011 but it’s still very useful and detailed information about buying real estate in Panama, the pros and … Continue reading

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There are earthquakes in Panama. We have felt quite a few. Panama is in the “ring of fire” known for volcanos and earthquakes. A few days ago we had a fairly big one, 6.1, on the Panama – Costa Rica … Continue reading

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Your House in Panama – Rent? Buy? Build?

I see it all the time in the expat forums – “we are exploring Panama and need recommendations on where to look for a house/property to buy”. Answers are usually – rent first for 6-12 months, I am selling a … Continue reading

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Expat Article #5

My friend By has been writing a series of articles on being an expat that cover the points he has found most important or challenging in his experience. View at In this one he offers a few points of … Continue reading

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Panama is a Very Positive Place

According to a recent Gallup State of Emotions poll, Panama and Paraguay are the most positive countries. The poll did 151,000 interviews in 140 countries and asked these questions to determine the level of positive and negative emotions experienced … Continue reading

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Panama Cost of Living Article

Since we are on the subject of money, I wanted to share this excellent article that a Joel found today. There is a lot of excellent information here. However, two corrections. If you arrive as a tourist from the … Continue reading

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Expat Wealth and its Dictates

This is article #4 written by my friend By, and it’s about having money and as an expat, more money than your friends and neighbors in your adopted country. View at Chances are, you do have more money in … Continue reading

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It’s Hot

I know you’ve all heard that before. It’s the tropics and unless you are up in the mountains, hot weather is expected. We thought the rainy season had begun though, and the worst of the heat was over. Do they … Continue reading

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So You Want to Live in Another Country (Part 3)

Learn the language! It’s not as easy as one would think. I don’t usually post writing by other people, but this series of articles by my friend By Edgington speaks for us expats as we navigate the joys and challenges … Continue reading

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Special on Panama Relocation Tours

Many people find that getting to know Panama with a tour works well for them, and the most highly recommended tour by far is the Panama Relocation Tour. I have written about them before HERE. I don’t promote other people … Continue reading

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