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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.

Fish, Cows, Paint, and Scorpions

What do these have in common? Nothing, except they happened to be in my camera today. Since you all seem to enjoy following me around town, I’ll share my latest collection of photos with you. Sunday my friend Steffi and … Continue reading

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This and That

Life goes on, I keep my camera handy, and after a while I have a collection of miscellaneous things that caught my eye. There is a ball stadium not far from us, and it has been undergoing a big overhaul … Continue reading

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Spiders and Critters

There are pictures of spiders coming. You have been warnedšŸ˜€ Panama is not the place to be if you don’t like bugs and critters. I have never seen such an interesting variety of bugs as we have here. There are … Continue reading

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Dogs at the Swimming Hole

Our friends invited us to go to a swimming hole, along with their dogs and some other friends and their dogs, so I think altogether we ended up with eight people and probably as many dogs. It was a very … Continue reading

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Your Panama Home, Rent or Buy?

This question come up quite a bit. I’m am no expert on anything but I thought I’d share a few thoughts. The advice that you will hear from everyone who isn’t trying to sell you something – live in your … Continue reading

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The Birdbath

I keep a container of water in the back yard for the birds, and it gets used quite a bit. Some come just to drink, and other come to also bathe. I have also seen iguanas and possums enjoying the … Continue reading

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Hiking to the Waterfalls

My friend Andrea invited me to go on a hike to some waterfalls in the Los Angeles area. I had seen pictures from her previous hike there and it looked amazing. So, I agreed to get up in the middle … Continue reading

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A Gorgeous Morning Bike Ride

Some friends and I haveĀ had so much fun biking that we’ve decided to go out every other weekend. Today we met at the intersection of Via Boquete and the road to Caldera and drove east a few miles. We found … Continue reading

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Valle Escondido in Boquete

Valle Escondido (Hidden Valley) is a very upscale, gated community in Boquete. It is indeed escondido though. I’ve been to Boquete quite a few times but had never seen it. Joel’s friend and drummer lives there at his parents’ house, … Continue reading

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Visiting the River

We have a beautiful river behind our house. I’ve posted a lot of photos in the past but it’s been a while, so I figured I could post some more. We also have a new way of getting to the … Continue reading

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