Some Local Scenery

just another day in the life of a retired expat in Panama….

One of my longer bike routes takes me northwest of David through the countryside and up into the hills. It is so pretty! The other day I decided to take the camera with me and share a bit of what I see.

There isn’t a good way to go west along the Pan-American highway so I cross the highway and go southwest through town, and the cross back over at C Sur. This takes me by the neighborhood “La Princesa” (I’d live there just for the name), and then through the town of Aguacatal.

The route then goes through San Juan, and continues at pretty much steady climb until it intersects with 425 which comes up from San Pablo. (I know this doesn’t mean much if you aren’t familiar with the area, but if you find a Google map of the area you can find where I am)

When you reach 425 it feels like you have gotten somewhere but actually, the climbing will only increase.

After awhile 425 intersects with Ave. Joseph Halphen which not only takes you back to David, but goes mostly downhill.

Once I get to the top of the hill, then it’s only a few minutes more to get back home.

Thanks for going riding with me! This is only a small look at the beautiful areas but I hope you enjoyed it.

About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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16 Responses to Some Local Scenery

  1. Thanks, it was really enjoyable. Its nice to go virtual traveling from Philly. What made you decide to live in Panama?


  2. 4sarge says:

    MORE Great Photos of Life in Panama


  3. John & Susan says:

    Wow Kris!! These are really outstanding pictures! Well done. Susan and I love to ride our bikes. We did a 50 mile bike ride last Saturday in LA called Tour de Sewer.
    Have you thought about writing up a bike tour map? I think you would probably be the first and it would be very informative to other bicycle enthusiasts. Maybe organized bike tours? It would probably be a great business to launch. Maybe we can do a partnership??? Bike Rides in Paradise!


    • Wow, 50 miles! You are some serious bikers. I’ve done over 30 a couple times and thought that was long.
      I don’t know how many other bikers there are around here. I see someone else once in a while. I have heard that there is a group that goes out early on Saturday mornings but they are serious, and fast, and if I managed to get up that early I probably couldn’t keep up with them.
      If you want to organize bike tours that would be great! I’m old, retired, lazy.. not into organizing much but I would love to participate. As for a bike tour map, I’m not sure how much call there would be for that. There aren’t that many routes to map around here. The Panamanian bikers are probably familiar with all the good ones and the expats think they are dying of the heat in David.


  4. Really beautiful, Kris! It looks a lot like Puerto Rico, I love it! Thank you for sharing your countryside with everyone 🙂


  5. Thanks for the ride! Lots of interesting sights along your route :). We were wondering how possible it is to keep horses, looks doable: those horses look pretty healthy! Thanks for sharing!


  6. oldsalt1942 says:

    Chiriqui is definitely going through a residential building boom. A couple of times in the last month and a half there have been serious accidents on the Interamericana so the busses I ride diverted up into the hills for miles and miles which are necessary because there aren’t many roads that parallel the main highway. It’s awesome how many new communities are out there. And they’re all Panamanians living in them, not expats.


    • It seems to be going through a boom of all sorts of building, but there are definitely a lot of houses being built. Panamanians must be doing well because they are nice houses too. There are some small starter homes of course, but most of them are fairly big and comfortable looking homes.
      Interesting that your buses are going up through the hills, and interesting that they can choose any route they think is best. I wonder what’s up with the highway. We were out yesterday afternoon and the traffic was nuts.


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