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Shopping in Panama

People not familiar with Panama have expressed concern that we wouldn’t have everything we need here. So, I decided to take some pictures in a few of the stores near us. We have some very nice shopping options near us. … Continue reading

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Photos by Joel

Yesterday we decided to go out for a drive. Our destination was the Caldera hot springs which I hear are nothing remarkable, but since they are in our area I wanted to see them anyway. We fired up Google navigation … Continue reading

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Going to the Movies

We have never gone out to the movies much, but sometimes there is something special I want to see. This time it was Hands of Stone, about the Panamanian boxer Roberto Durán. I really enjoyed the movie! It was very … Continue reading

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Growing Food, Plantains and Yuca

I love to grow things in the yard. If those things produce food so much the better. In this yard we have planted bananas, plantains, pineapple, yucca, and a few other interesting things. I even have a cacao plant which … Continue reading

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Sometimes Luck Smiles on You

Today has been a really good day in spite of some problems. Or, maybe I should say the problems were so much less because of some good things. Yesterday we had plans to do laundry. But…. no water. The water … Continue reading

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Just Riding Around

I always have my camera with me so it doesn’t take long to accumulate a collection of pictures. The other day I rode out towards Aguacatal, one of my favorite routes. Villa Patricia is a new housing development going in … Continue reading

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The Beautiful of the Panamanian Mountains

Yesterday we drove to Boquete on a sunny late afternoon, ran into clouds and a bit of rain on the way, and arrived in the Boquete area just as the clouds were clearing. We couldn’t resist stopping at the Mirador … Continue reading

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House for Rent

Sometimes people ask about housing in our area, and a house I know fairly well has become available in our neighborhood. I know it because a couple friends, other expats, lived there before family circumstances called them back to the … Continue reading

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Walmart Cometh

Some time ago, I saw a sign for a Walmart. Some people were not happy, but others said it was only a joke. Unfortunately current evidence makes it look quite real. Does Panama really need a Walmart? I don’t know, … Continue reading

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Getting Things Done – License Plates and the Long Saga of the Microwave

Sometimes getting things done in Panama can be … ahem … interesting. Do not ever count on anything being fast or easy. Sometimes it is, but now always. Fast and easy was my car that needed new license plates. I … Continue reading

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