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Family Time in California

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted anything.  I’ve been enjoying time in California with my daughter and her family, and practicing bass when they are off to work/school/daycare. But, I pull out the camera now and then … Continue reading

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Beautiful Boquete

We have been driving up to Boquete a couple times a week for Joel’s band gigs. It’s almost always a very beautiful drive, and yesterday was especially gorgeous. It had rained in the morning which is unusual, but the sun … Continue reading

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The Package Arrives in the US from Panama

On June 6th, I went to the local post office and mailed a small package to my daughter in Seattle. There are details in the post here. On June 29th my daughter got a notice from the post office that … Continue reading

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Vanilla Pudding

Yes, it’s green. Do you remember the recipe I shared for chocolate pudding made with avocado? I figured if you could make chocolate pudding or mousse, you could make it with other flavors so I tried vanilla. It’s pretty much … Continue reading

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Live Like a Panamanian

When discussing the cost of living in Panama, it is often said that it’s expensive unless you want to “live like a Panamanian”. I got to thinking… what exactly does this mean? So, I posed the question to the busy … Continue reading

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It Must be Panama When….

One day there are cows wandering down the road. Another day it’s a horse in the road You reach for a cooking utensil and find a baby lizard sleeping on one. A tiny but very cool bug visits you on … Continue reading

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Deal on Las Olas Beach Resort

Oferta Simple has another deal out today. Click HERE if you feel like spending some time at the beach. $45 I try to only share things I know, that I have seen or experienced myself which is why I haven’t shared … Continue reading

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Rain, a Movie, and a Lizard

What do these have to do with each other? Nothing at all. They just happen to be my latest batch of pictures. My good friend took me to the movies yesterday for my birthday. TIP (this is Panama). The website … Continue reading

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Fidget Spinner deal

What is a Fidget Spinner?? Apparently it’s the latest toy, a little triangle thing that you can hold in the center and spin. Oferta Simple has an offer today (click the link). You can get yours for $5 (instead of $10) … Continue reading

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Chocolate Avocado Mousse

It sounds crazy but trust me, this is really good! There is a recipe on the Food Network.  It’s really easy, and flexible so you can adjust things to your taste. Mine turned out with a very dark chocolate flavor … Continue reading

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