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An Art Exhibition at the School

The Centro de Arte José Cáceres O. is not far from my house, and I have been taking painting classes there with Víctor Aguirre Chirú. (There isn’t much about him or the school on line except for their Facebook page … Continue reading

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We Went to the Dentist

Joel had a problem with a filling, so a trip to the dentist was in order. We had been going to Dr Spiegel but he was appointed ambassador to Singapore! His practice is still active though, and is being maintained … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Morning

This morning the sun was shining, there were great cloud formations against a blue sky, and a very light breeze was blowing. What a wonderful day to be out. One thing about all those gray and rainy days is that … Continue reading

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Rain, Humidity, and Mold

This is the rainy season in the tropics, and we have had SO much rain! According to this article in La Prensa, we have broken the record for the most rain in 30 years. David usually gets 179 mm (7 … Continue reading

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The Lemons are Back!

There are a couple lemon trees nearby that have enormous lemons in December and into January. I hadn’t checked our favorite tree because it’s too early. What? Tomorrow is December?! How did that happen already? So Joel, more on top … Continue reading

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Out and About

I woke up this morning and the sun was shining!! Normally this wouldn’t be remarkable but after two weeks of almost continuous rain, it was a very welcome sight. So, after breakfast I set out for a bike ride. They … Continue reading

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Some Wildlife on a Rainy Holiday Afternoon

The joke says November is the month when nothing gets done in Panama because there are too many holidays. Nov 3rd is Independence Day (from Colombia), the 4th is Flag Day, and the 5th Colon Day. Nov 10th is the … Continue reading

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The River

We have a beautiful river behind our neighborhood and I have taken tons of photos. But, we have been having crazy amounts of rain and I was curious to see how it was in these conditions. So Thursday, after another … Continue reading

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Today We Saw the Sun!

This usually isn’t an event. We get plenty of sun. But, after ten days of rain and no sun, what a welcome sight! I went out on my bike this morning. What a pleasure to be out, finally, after being … Continue reading

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Goodbye Otto 11/25

Otto has left the area and is making it’s way west out in the Pacific. It landed yesterday afternoon in Nicaragua just north of the Costa Rica border, and made it’s way west through Nicaragua and northwest Costa Rica. Thankfully … Continue reading

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