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Yay Water!

There is nothing like doing without to make you appreciate something. People in Panama don’t always have water. The government is addressing the problem and has allocated money to build and upgrade systems. But right now, it is summer when … Continue reading

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Pricesmart Run Today

It’s Carnavales time in Panama now, a four day holiday involving loud music and water hoses in various towns, families hanging out together, maybe swimming in the nearest river, and people generally enjoying time off. The idea is to let … Continue reading

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Great Birthday!

Yesterday was Joel’s birthday and we both had a great time. In the afternoon we headed to Boquete for practice with Chris, the drummer in our band. We have an unusual Monday booking because of the Carnavales holiday in progress, … Continue reading

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Windy Times

Come to Boquete, land of eternal spring. Umm… sometimes. It is easy for some businesses to mislead people. Come live in paradise! When you see that word paradise, immediately treat the whole thing with a large dose of skepticism. There … Continue reading

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What will you DO all day??

I think we’ve all been asked this. Before retirement, most of your days were filled with work but what now? What will you do with all this free time? I suppose this is a question for any retiree whether in … Continue reading

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Renewing Passports

There is a process for renewing your passport if you are outside the US. Here in Panama you can either go to the US embassy in Panama City or DHL your documents there. Since we are on the other side … Continue reading

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Plastic Bags

They use plastic bags in Panama, lots of plastic bags. If you go to the supermarket, chances are many of your purchases will be double bagged, and the bags won’t be full. It’s the same at the produce market. The … Continue reading

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Craziness in Boquete

The Boquete Flower and Coffee Festival just ended. There is a bit of info HERE and I’m sure google would bring up much more. I didn’t go this year but I have in the past. We were in Boquete the … Continue reading

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Panama Relocation Tours

There are different opinions on relocation tours. Some think it’s better to visit the country on your own, targeting places that match your preferences. Others prefer a planned tour where all arrangements are taken care of. We did not take … Continue reading

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No Hay Nada

There is nothing. What do you say when you are just living your daily life and nothing special is going on? We went to a different supermarket and found the teriyaki sauce we wanted. The mini super still didn’t have … Continue reading

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