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What’s For Lunch?

Some friends suggested it might be interesting to share some of our favorite meals. We are lucky to live in Chiriqui where so much fresh produce is grown. There are markets and vendors all over town, and our veggie guy … Continue reading

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Band Video

My friend Joyce took some videos Saturday night and they came out great. Thank you amiga! I stitched them together and put them on YouTube. Listen with some good headphones or good sound system so you can hear the music … Continue reading

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Band Report

Whew! We did it! I mentioned in the past that I was learning bass, and this weekend we went out for my first gigs. It went as well and better than I hoped and our audience was super enthusiastic. So … Continue reading

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Mango Pancakes!

It’s one of my favorite breakfasts. 1/4 cup oats, mixed with enough water to moisten well pinch salt and a pinch baking soda one egg chopped mangoes Mix it all up, melt some butter in the pan, and cook until … Continue reading

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Wow, Florida, Whew!

We may be living in Panama, but after living in Florida for 17 years before moving here, events in Florida have been very much on my mind. I still have many friends there and I’ve been following their Facebook posts. … Continue reading

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Crazy Times from Mother Nature

Fires in the northwest US, three hurricanes at the same time, and one of the biggest earthquakes hits Mexico. It seems like crazy times on our side of the world. My west coast daughters are getting used to smoke in … Continue reading

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The Expat Experience and Mental Health

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Birds and Bees

I’ve noticed a little brown bird coming and going from one of our bushes by the driveway. When I investigated, I found three little bluish eggs in a nest. On Friday when I checked on them, I saw that two … Continue reading

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A Scorpion Encounter!

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You Can Talk To Me

I had an interesting experience the other day. Someone who has followed my blog for a while, and who has seen me out and about said she was nervous about approaching me to say hi, but she finally got her … Continue reading

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