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Cuba Is fantastic

much news is coming! But, there is minimal Internet and it goes by the minute, so communication is minimal at the moment. I will be back at the end of the week with a thousand pictures! We are having a … Continue reading

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Tree Cleanup

Last Friday on a really windy day, part of a huge tree fell into our yard. It just happened that our landlord was on vacation in Chiriqui (he and his family live in Panama City). We had only met briefly some … Continue reading

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Happy Valentines Day

I love how this holiday is treated here. I have been getting greetings – Feliz Dia de la Amistad  (happy day of friendship). It was explained that Valentines Day is for everyone, your friends, your family, anyone you love even … Continue reading

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Fire in the Woods

We came home Saturday night to this. This is the woods across the street from us, behind our neighbors’ houses. It is supposed to be dark. There is not supposed to be this red glow. It is summer, dry season, and … Continue reading

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Holy guacamole!

This is a post I didn’t plan on writing! To say it’s a windy day is an understatement. I heard the wind blowing during the night. The leaves and debris hitting the tin roof sound like rocks, and anything larger … Continue reading

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I ran across this interesting video answering the question “what is the hardest thing about living in Costa Rica?”. You would expect the language, culture shock, or any number of other concerns but I never though about alcohol, and how … Continue reading

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Scenery, Fish, and Boats

It seems like I have been out and about more than I have been home lately. Monday, a friend and I decided to visit Boca Chica. It’s my favorite area on the water so you don’t have to twist my … Continue reading

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The Homeless Chronicles Pt. 15: An Update and a Thank You!

I haven’t written any new entries lately because I have been working hard to change my situation. I didn’t realize that it’s been 18 days since my last blog, so I will give an upd… Source: The Homeless Chronicles Pt. … Continue reading

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Let Me Google That For You

I happened across this cool site!     It shows people how to do a google search. I know it’s kind of snarky but I still love it. What kind of money does Panama use? Is it hot in Panama? … Continue reading

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Shipping Your Vehicle and Household Items to Panama, a Guest Post

Many people consider shipping household goods and/or a vehicle to Panama when they move, and questions about it come up on the forums and discussion groups all the time. Jason has experience in auto transport and some great advice on … Continue reading

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