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There are snakes in Panama. If you do not want to see one, even in a photo, you will want to avoid this post. There is also a photo of one having dinner. You have been warned. We live next … Continue reading

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Bureaucracy (a funny)

Dealing with bureaucracy is never fun. Here, it can be worse when we don’t understand the language and procedures, things don’t always make sense to us, and it can be frustrating to get everything in order according to requirements. Apparently … Continue reading

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Geisha Coffee

Geisha coffee, the most expensive coffee in the world, is grown right here in Boquete. Recently, an auction drove the price to a record high, $1,029 a pound! Panama is known for the excellent coffee grown in the fertile … Continue reading

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Bob Adams Report On Panama

Bob Adams has lived in Panama for a number of years. He has written the Retirement Wave newsletter, and he has a number of very interesting, informational videos on YouTube. Recently he has published this report (link below). I won’t … Continue reading

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Adjusting to a New Country, Culture, and Life

People move to Panama (and other countries all over the world). Sometimes the transition is easy. Sometimes it is so difficult that people give up and return to their home country. Most people, however, fall between these two extremes and … Continue reading

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A Day in Boquete

You’re retired. What do you DO all day??  Ha! I always laugh when I see this question. I don’t know how I had time to work. Maintaining a house, cleaning, cooking, errands, etc. take a certain amount oof time but … Continue reading

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The Purpose Of Life Is Not Happiness: It’s Usefulness

You move to another country. You retire. We’ve all had the question “what will you DO all day??” If you don’t have a lot of interests and hobbies outside of work, this can be a consideration no matter where you … Continue reading

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Band Gig at the US Ambassador’s Residence

Do you wonder where our US ambassador lives? This week we found out! (We don’t have an ambassador at the moment, but Roxanne Cabral is Chargé d’Affaires, or the boss, since the last ambassador resigned ) Some embassy employees heard … Continue reading

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Living in Panama – The Ultimate Guide for Expats (2019 Edition)

This is an excellent website from the folks at Panama Relocation Tours. It covers probably any topic you need to research and does it in a very realistic and truthful way. If you are considering Panama you need to check … Continue reading

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More on Panama Real Estate

Joel is very good at internet research. He found a few things I’d like to share. The first was written in January, 2011 but it’s still very useful and detailed information about buying real estate in Panama, the pros and … Continue reading

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