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Couch Monkeys – Music this Sunday evening

Musicians are quarantined. Audiences are quarantined. The growing thing is live music on line so people can still play, and you all can still enjoy the music.  So, we decided to give it a try!  Our plan is… Grand inaugural … Continue reading

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What’s Going On?

Not much! Well nothing has changed a lot, but we are looking forward and working on new things at home. Of course, the big news is still the virus and the quarantine. We are in phase 1 of the plan … Continue reading

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a Great Day

There is nothing like a pandemic and strict quarantine to make you appreciate a lot of things you usually don’t even think about. A bit of quick background – we’ve been quarantined since our return on March 1st. We no … Continue reading

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Friends Helping Friends

Many people have lost their livelihood in this pandemic. Many other people are unable to do the things they need to do, especially here in Panama with the very restrictive quarantine. Maybe we can be creative and help each other … Continue reading

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Flu Shots

I went out again yesterday!  Since we got our US stimulus money we decided to replace our broken air conditioner. We’re doing OK but the warmer afternoons are more comfortable with AC. So, I went to the ATM for some … Continue reading

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We’re Still Here

Yes, we are still here! I haven’t written much because nothing new is going on. We are still home under the same strict quarantine rules. Women are allowed out on M-W-F during their designated limited hours, and men on Tu-Th. … Continue reading

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I Went OUT!

Ordinarily this wouldn’t be anything remarkable, but these are not ordinary times. We have not left the house since March 23rd, so I only knew what to expect from asking others. My goal was Pricesmart (like Costco), El Rey (supermarket), … Continue reading

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Can’t Take a Panama Relocation Tour?

The Panama Relocation Tours have become more and more popular as word has spread about their value, and as happy customers have shared their experiences. The tours were sold out for many months in advance, even before coronavirus. And then, … Continue reading

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More of the Same

The joke around the neighborhood these days…. what are you going to do tomorrow? I dunno, maybe I’ll stay in and do things at home. Ha! Things are the same here. We are still allowed out for limited hours for … Continue reading

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Living in Panama During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Here’s an article by Jackie Lange from the Panama Relocation Tours It’s a very good overview of what’s been going on here in Panama. I respect Jackie’s sensible advice and thoughts on her site and on social media. The … Continue reading

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