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I know, a lot of you have been having more than enough rain, and when you are on lockdown and the rain keeps you from even taking a walk, it’s not very welcome. Here though, it’s been summer which means … Continue reading

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More of the Same

It’s Monday 3/30, and not a whole lot has changed in the last few days. We continue to be allowed out for very limited hours determined by the last number of your ID, and going out is only for food, … Continue reading

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The (Panama) President’s Speech

Posted on Facebook by Calvin Froedge, Chris DeRose, and others on facebook. Thank you, whomever did this translation. It still almost brings tears to my eyes to read this yet another time. you can see the original video here…/cortizo-anuncia-cu…/2712278.html). … Continue reading

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We thought we had lockdown before, but this is an even more serious lockdown. I’m sitting on my terrace tonight and there is no traffic noise, not a car, not a rumble of a truck in the distance, nothing. It’s … Continue reading

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Waiting in Lines

Things here in Panama continue to shut down more and more as the virus progresses. Last night the news said there are 345 cases in Panama, 6 deaths, 8 cases in Chiriquí (our province) 2 in the town just up … Continue reading

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Life in Lockdown

It seems that pretty much everyone in the world can relate to this, as we all hunker down and stay home to avoid catching or spreading the virus. I posted yesterday about Panama, who is doing everything possible to keep … Continue reading

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Panama Coronavirus Response Continues

Yesterday the news came out that all flights in and out of Panama will be stopped on March 22nd. Currently only citizens and residents can come in, but after the 22nd nobody will be able to come in or out … Continue reading

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Shopping at Pricesmart Today

Pricesmart is Panama’s version of Costco, a membership store that’s especially good for stocking up and bulk items. Panama is currently in an emergency lockdown state because of the Coronavirus threat. Borders are closed to all but citizens and residents … Continue reading

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Coronavirus in Panama

Panama has been doing a great job in this difficult time, IMO, and I am very glad to be here. Yes, it’s inconvenient and this will be especially hard for businesses. But, we’ve seen the heartbreaking accounts of the situation … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Arrives in Panama

Tocumen airport in Panama City is a very busy international hub with flights from all over the world. Many Panamanians have the means and reasons to travel, and many places in Panama are popular tourist destinations. We figured it was … Continue reading

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