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Just Some Scenery

I always take a camera when I go biking because there is usually something beautiful along the way!  

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Photographing some Scenery

I’m still in the Seattle area. It’s chilly fall weather but still very beautiful here. We have been biking or walking almost every day. The last few days have been more cloudy with a bit of rain, but also quite … Continue reading

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More Seattle Area Scenery

As usual, I carry my camera with me all the time because you just never know when you will see something interesting. The Seattle area is very beautiful and different from what I have become used to in Panama, so … Continue reading

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Afternoon Rain

I was standing on the terrace yesterday afternoon watching it rain. We seem to be getting a bit more rain lately, though it still doesn’t rain every day. I like the rain. It keeps everything green and beautiful and usually … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous Pictures

I’ve been sorting through recent photos and found a few I would like to share. . Unfortunately we’ve had very little rain since then. We’ve had a few short rains and some sprinkles, but nothing like what is expected in … Continue reading

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A Blue Bug

We were hunting for mangoes one day when I saw what looked like a very large wasp. It was very busy scurrying around in the leaves, opening and closing its wings. When the sun caught the wings there will be … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate

Weekly Photo Challenge: Intricate The first things that came to mind were some of the intricate patterns found in nature. xx xx xx These photos aren’t new, but are some I remembered from doing some blog backup a while ago. … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion

Weekly Photo Challenge: Motion I’ve been thinking about this for days and have drawn a blank. Birds fly by, hummingbirds visit the patio, many things are in motion but there hasn’t been anything this week that has inspired me to grab … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird

Weekly Photo Challenge: Early Bird I am not a morning person and it’s unlikely that you’ll find me out at dawn. Once in a while though something wakes me up and then I’m glad to enjoy the early morning light, … Continue reading

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Just a Few Miscellaneous Photos of This and That

I have various photos that don’t fit under any particular subject, just things I’ve come across as I go about my days. It is really nice here now. The rainy season has returned. It isn’t raining most days but we … Continue reading

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