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Machines at Work

My grandson loves big machines, so when I ran across some in the last few days I thought of him. The Feria (the big international fair that is held every March) is just starting today and will run for the … Continue reading

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There is a large iguana who has been visiting the birdbath in the afternoons. It’s the hottest part of the day so I am usually at my table on the terrace doing quiet things, and that is how I have … Continue reading

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Bugs and Spiders

You have been warned! This post contains pictures of bugs and spiders. I’ve never seen such a big variety of insects as there are here in Panama, so I’ve had a great time with my camera and especially my macro … Continue reading

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A Few Birds

I am still sorting through photos, and here are a few birds. I love where we live on the north side of David, next to a big woods and the Rio David (David river). We have so many birds! Every morning … Continue reading

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Summer Flowers

There are two seasons in Panama, summer (dry and windy, Dec – April), and rainy (May – Nov). Right now we are in summer. It almost never rains, some days are very windy, a lot of the grass and plants … Continue reading

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Iguanas in the Trees

Iguanas are large lizards, but they are also fast and agile climbers. I didn’t realize how high they can climb though, until we saw a couple waaaaay up in a tree. That red arrow in the photo, that is about … Continue reading

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There’s a Bug in the Shower

I woke up this morning to find a huge bug in the shower. I’ve seen one like it in the outside laundry room just a week or two ago and was quite impressed with it then also. UPDATE – thanks … Continue reading

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A Lizard, a Snake, a Moon, and some Birds

How’s that for an unlikely combination of things! But, this is Panama where unlikely things happen. This is just a bit of a day in the life of an expat in Panama. There is a video at the bottom of … Continue reading

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Mighty Machines

They are building a new bus terminal not far from where I live, and there are plenty of mighty machines on the job. I learned about mighty machines from my grandson who loves big machines and his videos by that … Continue reading

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Some Critters, Some Birds

I have been sorting through some photos that have been accumulating over the last few weeks and thought these were fun. I always have a camera nearby because you just never know what you are going to see. (warning, bug … Continue reading

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