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Boquete Birthday Party

A good friend from Boquete had a birthday party a few days ago, so of course we wanted to go. It was a fun gathering at a local restaurant with conversation, music, good food, cake, and a piñata. Did you … Continue reading

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Mi Jardin es Tu Jardin in Boquete

I was in Boquete last week and my friend suggested we have lunch at Mi Jardin es Tu Jardin (My Garden is Your Garden) in Boquete. This place has been known for some time for its beautiful gardens. Unfortunately the … Continue reading

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A Lizard, a Snake, a Moon, and some Birds

How’s that for an unlikely combination of things! But, this is Panama where unlikely things happen. This is just a bit of a day in the life of an expat in Panama. There is a video at the bottom of … Continue reading

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Quilts at the Boquete Library

The last time I was in Boquete, my friends and I decided to stop by the library to see the exhibition of quilts. The top floor of the library had a very nice space for exhibitions. On this day it … Continue reading

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A Fun Day in a Swimming Hole!

Friday a bunch of us set off to find a new swimming spot that Holly (of Let The Adventure Begin) knew about. Emma (of a Woman, a Plan, a Canal… , but who has been way too busy to write for … Continue reading

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Hiking in Bajo Mono, Boquete

Recently, I was invited to hike the Pipeline Trail, or the Lost Waterfall trail with some friends. It was a very interesting drive to find the trail, as I talked about in my last post with rock walls, waterfalls, and hidden … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall xx Los Ladrillos, or Gunko, is a basalt volcanic formation in the Boquete area of Bajo Mono. We can thank Cesar Augusto Melendez Castillo for uncovering it. He used to go exploring with his father and … Continue reading

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Boquete and More

Sunday we all set off for another day trip, this time up the Boquete side of the mountain. Since I didn’t make it all the way up on my bike trip with Jérémy, I figured he should at least have … Continue reading

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The Adventure Continues

There continues to be a lot going on around here, much of it bicycle related. We had a great young Polish couple stay with us for a couple nights, and it was so interesting to hear about their experiences and … Continue reading

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A Boquete Cost of Living Report – November 2014

A couple blog followers / friends who live in Boquete have shared their living expenses with me so I could also post them on the blog. Boquete is a beautiful town up in the mountains that is very popular with … Continue reading

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