Boquete Birthday Party

A good friend from Boquete had a birthday party a few days ago, so of course we wanted to go. It was a fun gathering at a local restaurant with conversation, music, good food, cake, and a piñata. Did you think those were only for kids? According to Panamanians, apparently not! 😀

Boquete is a bit nuts at the moment because the Boquete Jazz & Blues Festival is in progress, and there are a lot of people attending. I thought about going but it’s expensive, and it’s hard for me to navigate around the small town and hunt for parking, etc when it’s crowded with an event. Joel has been having a great time though. Both of his bands were asked to participate, and the rest of the time he has been helping with equipment in the various venues and participating in the evening jam sessions. Maybe when the dust settles and he regroups, we can get him to share a bit about his experience.

I hope they aren’t getting blown away up there though. It was windy here yesterday and today the winds are really howling. It’s usually windier in the mountains so they all must be hanging on to their hats and anything else that can blow away. I don’t love high winds, but it was very quiet a couple days ago and so hot without any cooling breezes. That was enough to make me welcome the wind since it does keep you much more comfortable.

Another bonus of our evening in Boquete was a gorgeous sunset. I usually try to dodge the power lines but this time I just let them be part of the photo.


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6 Responses to Boquete Birthday Party

  1. Sunni Morris says:

    Nice party. I would have figured out a way to navigate and get to that Jazz and Blues Festival. I bet Joel is having a great time!

    Love the sunset too, but hate to get power lines in pictures, if it can be helped.


    • I thought about going but Joel is working, and some things aren’t as fun by yourself, along with navigating in a town I don’t know very well. Maybe next year.
      I don’t like power lines either but in this case, I didn’t want to leave the party to find an open spot (if there was even such a thing nearby) so this time we have a composition of power lines with sunset behind them.


  2. BTW… winds just started here this morning in Brisas… but further up it was windy.
    The jazz fest is awesome! Joel is working hard with a big smile on his face!


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