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Seattle Fall Colors

The Pacific Northwest isn’t famous for fall colors but there are still a lot of pretty leaves and colors here. A few pretty colors are visible from my daughter’s house. I have been walking down to the shopping area every … Continue reading

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What do you do a Rainy Day?

October and November are the rainiest months of the rainy season in Panama. Usually the mornings are sunny and beautiful. In the afternoon the clouds gather and by late afternoon it is likely to rain, sometimes with a huge downpour. … Continue reading

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Fish, Cows, Paint, and Scorpions

What do these have in common? Nothing, except they happened to be in my camera today. Since you all seem to enjoy following me around town, I’ll share my latest collection of photos with you. Sunday my friend Steffi and … Continue reading

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Summer Flowers

There are two seasons in Panama, summer (dry and windy, Dec – April), and rainy (May – Nov). Right now we are in summer. It almost never rains, some days are very windy, a lot of the grass and plants … Continue reading

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Just Get Out There!

We all know exercise is good for us, but we also have those days when we just don’t feel like it. I certainly have had a lot of encouragement to get out there this week though. I’ve been propositioned by … Continue reading

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Just Some Scenery

I always take a camera when I go biking because there is usually something beautiful along the way!  

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Photographing some Scenery

I’m still in the Seattle area. It’s chilly fall weather but still very beautiful here. We have been biking or walking almost every day. The last few days have been more cloudy with a bit of rain, but also quite … Continue reading

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More Seattle Area Scenery

As usual, I carry my camera with me all the time because you just never know when you will see something interesting. The Seattle area is very beautiful and different from what I have become used to in Panama, so … Continue reading

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Seattle Area Scenery

This is a very pretty area and there are some spots of beautiful fall color. We have been out walking in the afternoon a few times which is a good opportunity for some pretty photographs. A foggy morning made for … Continue reading

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Some Critters, Some Birds

I have been sorting through some photos that have been accumulating over the last few weeks and thought these were fun. I always have a camera nearby because you just never know what you are going to see. (warning, bug … Continue reading

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