More Seattle Area Scenery

As usual, I carry my camera with me all the time because you just never know when you will see something interesting. The Seattle area is very beautiful and different from what I have become used to in Panama, so I’ve enjoyed taking photos here.

Because of the time difference I still tend to wake up early some mornings.

Mornings are cold and frosty, and usually the frost persists all day in shady spots.

We went shopping on Black Friday! We only needed a few things for the baby so we went to Target, and then walked in the attached mall for a while. Everything was surprisingly chill and peaceful. It was afternoon so we were probably too late for the crowds.

On the way home we did a few errands, including a stop at the car wash. I know this is an ordinary activity but I thought the drive through car wash was a lot of fun.

I had been thinking about going biking with my son in law, but the previous day was so breezy and chilly that I changed my mind. This day was better, still chilly but without wind so we set off. I was bundled up in a thermal undershirt, over shirt, heavy sweat shirt, hat, gloves, hiking boots, etc but it was still plenty cold. It was really fun to be back on a bike though (but I have definitely gotten out of shape in the last month, so I have my work ahead of me when I get home!)

There is a rose bush in the yard that has a beautiful bud in spite of the chilly temperatures


Yesterday I thought about going biking but it was really cold again. We ended up going to Aubrey Davis Park on Mercer Island for a nice walk. It was chilly but there was lots of sun which helped, and it’s a really pretty area to visit.

We have mainly been hanging out with baby. She is now 16 days old and doing really well. We have also been getting out and about a bit more for errands and exercise which has been going very well. The baby tends to sleep the whole time. At home too, she rarely fusses. Sometimes she wants to stay up late but once she goes to bed she tends to sleep well, only waking up for eating and changing and then going back to sleep. Now that her parents have gotten some rest and settled into more of a routine, I think they believe that they are going to survive parenthood after all!

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  1. You are very blessed to have to much time with them and to be able to help. I love car wash photos, so cool. The rose bush is making it’s last effort to put out a bud before the blanket of snow and winter comes. Enjoy!


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