Fish, Cows, Paint, and Scorpions

What do these have in common? Nothing, except they happened to be in my camera today. Since you all seem to enjoy following me around town, I’ll share my latest collection of photos with you.

Sunday my friend Steffi and I set out on a bike ride. Our objective was to visit the fish sellers above the airport. But first, we decided to bike the loop in front of the airport and then, since we were so close to Pedregal, a ride through town and a visit to the marina seemed like a good idea.

Pedregal may not be the most scenic area, but sometimes there are some really big, expensive boats parked down there. I suppose it is one of the few places with a marina where you can get to town for supplies fairly quickly. I have been warned that Pedregal is dangerous and I should never go there, but I have only found people to be friendly and nice.

By now it was getting close to noon and I thought the fish guys above the airport might be closing for the day, so we decided to go to my favorite Pedregal fish market. I didn’t know what we would find on a Sunday but we were lucky and the coolers were full of many choices.

I bought a 4 1/2 pound pargo (red snapper) for $11.25. He cleaned it and cut fillets, which will be enough for four dinners for the two of us. I also have the head and bones for soup. We had fish for dinner Sunday night and it was excellent. Corvina is sea bass, and sierra is mackerel. The most expensive thing on the sign is camarón, which is shrimp. It’s out of season right now though and they didn’t have any.

With fish on board and being 10 miles from home, we figured we should head straight back.

We biked over 21 miles that day and the return trip was sunny and hot. Both of us had tired legs but Steffi is young, slim, and fit so I felt better knowing I wasn’t the only tired one.

The next few days were taken up with the saga of the microwave, which I will write about when the end of the story plays out.

Today, Joel and I set out on our bikes.

The street above is just outside our neighborhood, and the way we go to town. The cows get loose now and then and don’t seem to get in any mischief, but I was surprised to see how upset they were at Joel on his bike!

On our way home we took a scenic detour through the residential areas below us.

When not running around town, I continue to work on painting. I am slow and I don’t find time for it every day, sometimes not for days at a time but I feel like little by little I am getting better. Painting is not photography, and what works in a photo won’t necessarily work well in a painting. I continue to work on knowing what order to work (best to do the background first), and I continue to work on light and dark. Things always need a lot more contrast than I realize, and the vast majority of time the suggestions from my teacher are about this.

I’m lucky that I get some requests so I can paint but not have my house overflowing with paintings. The one in progress now is an underwater coral scene for my biking friend Steffi, and another friend might like something for her kitchen.

A day would not be complete without a critter! Joel has some plywood stacked out behind the house, and the scorpions seem to think it’s a great place to hang out.

The upper one seemed to be sleeping, but the long slim one below was running all over the place.

The upper one seemed to be sleeping, but the long slim one below was running all over the place.

We have had a scorpion in the house a few times, but thankfully have never been stung. It is said they feel like a bee sting and aren’t dangerous other than the unpleasant experience.

Another day in Panama. Now I’m on my terrace watching the breeze pick up and the clouds move in. It’s getting to be about that time when the rains could start.

About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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    • We left at 10 and it was hot and sunny coming home. I don’t think you would have liked that. But, if you want to do that ride I’m up for it anytime. Do you want to go this Sunday?


  1. I’ve really enjoyed following you around the last few posts. I’m a walker myself. Love to wander around explore byways, and discover new things as I do. I loved the picture of you biking back from the fish market. I didn’t realize, I don’t know why, I’m sure I’ve seen them in pictures before, that your back drop is mountains.
    It’s late August here still quite warm, but there is that hint in the breezes now, a wee tad of crispness so my thoughts are turning to how I will escape winter this year.



    • You will love it here! It’s really interesting walking around town, especially downtown with all the shops and street vendors. And of course, out of town there are endless beautiful places to hike and walk. Yes, all of Central America has lots of mountains. This land was all formed by volcanic activity and there are still many active volcanoes. Thankfully ours has been sleeping for 400 years, unlike some in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Oh, and we never have winter here either, thank goodness.


  2. I’m tired too, time for a nap after eating all that fish. 😉 Thanks for the bike ride


  3. Thoroughly enjoyed this post Kris (like I do all of your posts). Blue scorpions? They’re so pretty! Perhaps the fat immobile one is a pregnant female and the skinny one a male? Lots of little baby scorpions to look forward to – what fun.
    Your paintings are nicely done – are you allowed to sell them if you wanted to, or would that be breaking some law such as over not being allowed to “work” on. Pensionado visa?

    PS: with all your inviting posts, you might just have everyone who’s planning on moving to Panama (and loosing your blog) deciding to move to David, or somewhere close by 😀 (Also, I have a bicycle…)


    • That was supposed to be ‘following’ your blog, not ‘losing’ it (spell check gone bezerk?)


    • Thanks! Actually the scorpions are gray/black with tan legs, but the skinny one looks a bit different that others I’ve seen so maybe a different type? It was quite a bit thinner and longer, and a bit lighter color.
      Thanks about the paintings. I don’t know about selling. There are other artists in Boquete but not sure how they work that out. I’m happy to just do what I do without worrying about making money at it, so I don’t know if I would ever be interested in selling.
      You have a bike, eh? hmm… 😀


  4. jim and nena says:

    Hola Kris,
    Oh, corvina. When we were dating, Nena and I would stop at the fish and chicken joint in Balboa. She would always get a bucket of chicken and I always got a bucket of corvina. $1.02 a bucket. Nowadays, we just hit the local Chicken Express and settle for a bucket of chicken tenders. About $20.00

    Love your paintings. Nena paints when the mood strikes her which isn’t often. I would like to be able to paint but I can’t even draw bath water correctly. I became an engineer mostly because it is all straight lines and they allow rulers. “A man has got to know his limitations”.

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    • Corvina is also really good!
      I think the point is you get to paint whatever you want and use as many rulers as you wish. But I understand it’s much more enjoyable to do what you are good at. That’s why I never worked at selling anything


  5. ME BE in Panama says:

    Love the photos, Kris, keep ’em coming. We’re looking forward to taking our own very soon. Ten days from right now we’ll be back in Boquete. Can’t wait!


  6. marimarg says:

    I love your painting of the veggies and leaves.


  7. Drew's Blog says:

    Hi! I’ve just stumbled across your blog (and started following you) via WordPress and have enjoyed your posts on Panama. It’s quite strange as I’ve never thought much about Panama until this week, where I keep discovering articles and posts about this lovely nation. So my interest is growing, and it’s made its way onto my bucket list of nations to visit. Thanks! Andrew. PS, looking forward to finding out more about Panama through your posts.


    • You’ll have to come and visit here! It doesn’t work for everyone – different culture, language, pace of life, etc but if you are open to a new experience, it can be a wonderful life in a beautiful place. Thanks, glad you enjoy the blog so far 🙂

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