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Life goes on, I keep my camera handy, and after a while I have a collection of miscellaneous things that caught my eye.

There is a ball stadium not far from us, and it has been undergoing a big overhaul and upgrade. They were building a sports complex south of town on the road out to La Barqueta but nothing has been going on there for quite a while. I heard that the powers that be decided there wasn’t the money for that right now, and it would be better to upgrade the existing stadium. That’s fine but it’s in a fairly congested part of town just south of the Pan-American highway and I’m not sure where all those people are going to park their cars.

Since we are on the topic of construction, we also stopped by a spot where you can see the progress on the new bus terminal. Nothing is being built yet but they continue to move around tons of dirt to prepare the site. The bus terminal is now downtown in the most crowded part of town, and all those buses increase the traffic and have a hard time getting in and out. Out here at the new site there will be lots of room, easy access to main roads, and also parking for the public. But, it will be harder for people who currently like landing within walking distance of everything they need downtown. Word is also that there will be a huge shopping mall at the new terminal site, built by the same people and on the same scope as Albrook Mall in Panama City.

There is an incredible amount of building everywhere in the area! I don’t know who is going to occupy all the commercial buildings and new homes, and how this rate of growth can continue. But it seems to go on every year and businesses and people move into the new spaces. What is this area going to be like in 10 years, or 20 years?

Anyway, a few other interesting things I’ve seen in quieter parts of town as I ride my bike.

Last but certainly not least, the mountains. I’ve probably seen them a thousand times by now but I love them just as much as I did the first time.

Just another day in Panama

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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  1. its as tho I was riding my bike thru town with you. Great posts…


  2. Anonymous says:

    A little off subject but Kris, you realize “Hands of Stone” is opening up in the States the 26th? Not only was I a Roberto Duran fan I ate in his restaurant in Panama City!! Met his son as Roberto was in Texas for some promoting…..Ciao. David.


    • No, I didn’t know that. Thanks for the heads up. I wonder if it will be showing here. It seems like there would be enough interest to make it so.
      How cool you got to eat in his restaurant and meet his son!


    • I looked up some info and video on line. It looks like a lot of it was filmed in Panama City. I don’t know the first thing about boxing but now even I am excited and want to see it!


  3. I just wanted to say – again – how much I love your posts, Kris.They’re so entertaining and love the pictures! I follow several blogs, but yours is the only one that I read every single entry because I know it will be brief but beautiful. Plus you’re really getting me excited about moving to Panama! You’ve had a huge impact on my decision for my location. I’m convinced I’ll end up near David and Boquete. The area looks so beautiful and it’s near the “bread basket” of Cerro Punta and also the Pacific coast! I also have my friend Lisa in Boquete and I know after you and I meet, I’ll be counting you as a friend I want to spend time with – and you’re close to Lisa – right in David. So Chriqui province it is! 🙂


    • I certainly hope you are as happy here as we have been! I feel like Chiriqui is the best place to be for many reasons. Thanks, I’m so glad you enjoy the blog and the pictures 🙂 We will definitely have to get together when you get to Panama!


  4. jim and nena says:

    Hola Kris,
    We love these on-the-spot photo tours around David. For one thing, it keeps us up to date on where everything is. After riding the express bus from Panama one or two times a year, it is good to see a new, hopefully more spacious bus terminal in work. I wonder if they will fix the express bus meatlocker temperatures on the buses, too? Ha
    David is doing what cities in the US started doing after WWII, expanding into suburbia. The town centers are just too crowded for further business expansion and now with everyone having a car, the town is gridlocked most of the time. Panama City built the bypass highways, and installed the Metro; perhaps in the future David will expand out enough to need those transportation projects.
    The Chiriqui Mall was a big project for a while but Nena’s relatives in the area say they almost never go there anymore, and that it has lots of spaces that are unused. Maybe having the new bus terminal nearby will generate enough sales traffic to keep the stores in the new mall complex full. Time will tell.


    • I live here and I can’t even keep up to date on everything! One day there is a vacant lot, then there is a construction project, and then there are stores and businesses moved in. I am often surprised myself at new things in areas I don’t visit regularly.
      It will be a while before the new bus terminal is operational but they are working on it. Meat lockers though? LOL Nah, I wouldn’t count on that. I hear that growth is encouraged north of the PanAmerican highway because downtown is just too congested, but I also see quite a bit going on south of the city as well.
      You would be surprised to see Chiriqui Mall now! There is a huge construction project there too and it looks like they will double the size of the mall. I hope they have some stores moving in to help breathe new life into it.


    • jim and nena says:

      It is like when we moved to the outer edge of Fort Worth 30 years ago. We could see cattle grazing in the distance. One day we woke up and we were in the center of town!? Strange how fast that happens. HA!
      Same thing with Boquete although being located in a ditch means the growth has to climb the mountain sides to expand. The problem then is the torrential runoff that creates the big floods more often. At least in the flat lands the expansion is much “calmer”.

      Chiriqui Mall is on our list for next visit (as soon as I get my winter long johns out for the bus ride!) 🙂


      • Yes, Boquete is crowded with no room for much more. Also, when you go up the mountain sides you usually have a bad road which makes us folks with little city cars have a hard time visiting.
        You will be surprised at how much has changed here. I was even surprised when I was gone for only 2 months.
        Come to the tropics and dress for winter LOL


  5. Zuleika says:

    I love following your posts about my hometown. I have been away for 5 years traveling around the world, so I’m always looking for news to be updated (maybe homesick jaja).
    Before I left, things were already changing quite fast. I can’t wait to see it with my own eyes.
    Thanks for sharing your experiences and observations. Stay well!


    • I love living in your hometown!
      5 years? I imagine there will be areas that you hardly recognize. Even parts that were quiet when we arrived 4 years ago now have neighborhoods and shopping centers.
      I’m glad you enjoy the blog and I’ll keep posting about what is going on in town 🙂


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