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Machines at Work

My grandson loves big machines, so when I ran across some in the last few days I thought of him. The Feria (the big international fair that is held every March) is just starting today and will run for the … Continue reading

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A Day Out and About, and Lots of Good Luck

It is easy to get in a rut of daily activities and forget to enjoy the beauty and opportunities that are close by. Yesterday, our friends asked us to go to Las Lajas beach with them. That is an absolutely gorgeous … Continue reading

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There is a large iguana who has been visiting the birdbath in the afternoons. It’s the hottest part of the day so I am usually at my table on the terrace doing quiet things, and that is how I have … Continue reading

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Bugs and Spiders

You have been warned! This post contains pictures of bugs and spiders. I’ve never seen such a big variety of insects as there are here in Panama, so I’ve had a great time with my camera and especially my macro … Continue reading

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TIP (This is Panama)

    This is how I feel here in Panama and it is really nice. I don’t need to conform to anything, to be anything I am not. I can just be myself. I’m not sure where the picture is … Continue reading

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Yes it is Hot!

We have been having the warmest weather yet for this summer. Today feels especially hot. I like warm weather but even I am saying it’s hot. Maybe it’s a good thing the winds are blowing because that helps keep you … Continue reading

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A Few Birds

I am still sorting through photos, and here are a few birds. I love where we live on the north side of David, next to a big woods and the Rio David (David river). We have so many birds! Every morning … Continue reading

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Mi Jardin es Tu Jardin in Boquete

I was in Boquete last week and my friend suggested we have lunch at Mi Jardin es Tu Jardin (My Garden is Your Garden) in Boquete. This place has been known for some time for its beautiful gardens. Unfortunately the … Continue reading

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Summer Flowers

There are two seasons in Panama, summer (dry and windy, Dec – April), and rainy (May – Nov). Right now we are in summer. It almost never rains, some days are very windy, a lot of the grass and plants … Continue reading

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Iguanas in the Trees

Iguanas are large lizards, but they are also fast and agile climbers. I didn’t realize how high they can climb though, until we saw a couple waaaaay up in a tree. That red arrow in the photo, that is about … Continue reading

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