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Fire, it Cleans your Yard

Well my goodness, did we have an exciting day today. It’s the dry season here and brush fires are very common. Our house is beside a wooded area and my neighbors swore that there never has been a fire there. … Continue reading

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Yes it is Hot!

We have been having the warmest weather yet for this summer. Today feels especially hot. I like warm weather but even I am saying it’s hot. Maybe it’s a good thing the winds are blowing because that helps keep you … Continue reading

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Brush Fire

We were relaxing in the house the other night when we saw a truck come down our dead end street with bright flashing blue lights. It left, went up the street, came back down our street, and then pulled into … Continue reading

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The Rainy Season, or the Green Season

There are two seasons here, the dry season or summer, and the rainy season or green season. The dry season begins in December and goes to sometime in April. It rarely rains and some days are very windy. The temperature … Continue reading

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Windy Season!

In mid to late December the rainy season ends and summer starts. This is the dry and sometimes windy season. The last three days have been very windy indeed! It seems the winds have been stronger and have lasted longer … Continue reading

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Water, or no water, or using what comes

It’s summer here, a time when water shortages are common. This summer has been much better than last and we have only had a few times without water for part of the day. Tuesday was one of those dry days, … Continue reading

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Summer Rains and Flowers

We’re in the height of summer when it is expected to be hot and dry, but we’ve had two rainstorms in the last week. What a welcome surprise, and it seemed like the lawns and fields turned green overnight. With … Continue reading

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Pouring in Panama!

We need rain. This last dry season has been usually hot, dry, and windy, and the rains have been slow to return. There is a serious shortage of electricity because there isn’t enough water in the rivers to run the … Continue reading

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Checking In

One reason for this blog is to let friends and family know what is going on, and that all is well. I haven’t spent much time at my desk lately so I thought I’d write a note. Yesterday we went … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense – Fire!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Future Tense  “Grab an image from your world that holds the promise or portent of the future.” It’s summer and dry season in Panama. Brush fires are common. While I was away there was one in my favorite … Continue reading

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