Yes it is Hot!

We have been having the warmest weather yet for this summer. Today feels especially hot. I like warm weather but even I am saying it’s hot. Maybe it’s a good thing the winds are blowing because that helps keep you more comfortable.

Check out the weather report from yahoo weather and


Feels like 125?! I don’t know about that, but I’m still sitting here in the shade until the sun get a lot lower in the sky. Yes we live in the tropics, but it sure beats shoveling snow (apologies to all my readers in cold climates who have been shoveling entirely too much of the white stuff).

Wow, the huge iguana just came to the bird bath for a drink of water. Too bad I didn’t have my camera. Iguanas are also better than snow 😀


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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10 Responses to Yes it is Hot!

  1. ME BE in Panama says:

    I agree Kris. No más nieve para mí !!!


  2. Robert & Helen says:

    Today it was again very chilly with some drizzel rain and strong winds in Boquete. The past two days were nice.
    It is always good to have a water storage tank of at least 660 gallons with an electrical pump.


    • Crazy, isn’t it. We’re hot and very dry, but we hear about you all being chilly and wet just 40 minutes up the road.
      We don’t have a tank, but we have gallons of water stashed in the house. It’s less convenient but not that big a deal, especially since outages have never lasted as much as a full day.


  3. jiminpanama says:

    It has been hot and windy on the Azuero too. I’m ready for the rainy season.


    • I’ve heard that, and I hear it’s been terribly dry for you guys over there too. I’m ready for rain also but I think unfortunately, we are going to have to wait even longer than usual with El Niño going on.


  4. Sunni Morris says:

    Too bad you didn’t have the camera for the iguana. We’re just hitting our 70’s here but it will reach triple digits by June. I love the hot weather and finally can say I survived another winter. Yippee! Although our winters are ,mild compared to most of the country.


  5. It is so windy and dry here on Ometepe Island. The dust covers everything. We’ve been stuck on the island many days this month because of the high winds. Now, when the winds stop it will be a cazillion degrees. Time to take a vacation to a nice chilly place. 🙂 Try to stay cool.


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