A Few Birds

I am still sorting through photos, and here are a few birds. I love where we live on the north side of David, next to a big woods and the Rio David (David river). We have so many birds! Every morning when the sun comes up we are surrounded by bird songs of many types, and the same goes on at sundown with more songs throughout the day and often at night. I have read that there are more kinds of birds in Panama than in the entire area of North America!

Other than that, summer continues in Panama. We finally got a break in the strong winds that blew for days on end, but after a couple days of calm they are back again. It has also been really hot, in the mid 90’s most afternoons and the sun feels like a heat lamp that can cook you.  It’s not so bad in the shade though (at least for me who likes warm weather). We do look forward to the evening cool downs though, for sure.

The fires continue and we have had more areas burn very close to our neighborhood. Thankfully no one seems to have fire in yards close to the houses (though some neighbors have used their garden hoses when the fires threatened to come closer), and the woods beside our house haven’t burned. I have made an effort to clean up fallen leaves and anything else that would burn quickly, just in case. Thankfully the houses are concrete block with metal roofs so they won’t burn, but I’d rather not lose a lot of plants in my yard.

I’m glad that we haven’t had problems with water so far. We have had some days of low pressure but very little time with no water at all, a common problem in the dry season. Unfortunately many others aren’t faring nearly as well. Drought is especially severe in central Panama and they are really suffering. And word is, in this El Niño year, the rains will return later than usual.

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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6 Responses to A Few Birds

  1. jiminpanama says:

    I love this. We are in Agua Buena, Tonosi and we see new birds we’ve never seen all the time. I love this place!


  2. Sunni Morris says:

    You really appreciate birds a lot after living in Alaska where there are none, or at least not the common song birds we all think of. I’ll never forget living there for a few years and then going to LA on a business trip and being awakened by birds on the rooftop of my hotel. I was astonished and amazed because I had been away from them for so long. I actually could have watched them from my window all day. That’s been many years ago now but I’ve never forgotten how special all the little moments can be and to never take anything for granted.


    • I notice that in the US too, that there are very few birds singing. I imagine Alaska is a tough place to live for an outdoor bird! You would love it here. There is so much singing going on at sunup and it will wake you up for sure!


  3. Check out the Panama Bird Guides at http://www.expatimports.com.


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