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Afternoon Rain

I was standing on the terrace yesterday afternoon watching it rain. We seem to be getting a bit more rain lately, though it still doesn’t rain every day. I like the rain. It keeps everything green and beautiful and usually … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Full Moon

The night before the full moon was perfect. A beautiful, bright moon rose behind the trees in a clear sky with just enough clouds to make it interesting. It was so pretty that I had to go out in front … Continue reading

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The Rainy Season, or the Green Season

There are two seasons here, the dry season or summer, and the rainy season or green season. The dry season begins in December and goes to sometime in April. It rarely rains and some days are very windy. The temperature … Continue reading

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Water, or no water, or using what comes

It’s summer here, a time when water shortages are common. This summer has been much better than last and we have only had a few times without water for part of the day. Tuesday was one of those dry days, … Continue reading

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