The Rainy Season, or the Green Season

There are two seasons here, the dry season or summer, and the rainy season or green season. The dry season begins in December and goes to sometime in April. It rarely rains and some days are very windy. The temperature goes higher but there is less humidity, grass gets brown and crunchy, and brush fires are common. There are different flowers and fruits which are interesting but by March it is really hot and I am eagerly looking forward to the return of the rains.

We are now back into the rainy season. Some people unfamiliar with this climate are afraid that it rains constantly, but that is not the case at all. Mornings are beautiful so you try to do any outdoor activities then. It starts to cloud up in the afternoon and most days by mid to late afternoon it will rain, sometimes raining so hard it seems like the skies are dumping all their contents on the earth. It doesn’t last long though, usually an hour or two. By dusk it is finished, and it is unusual for it to rain into the night. After the rain everything is cooled off and evenings are wonderful.

I like the rainy season the best. Everything turns lush and green and it’s so beautiful. Today I had a fairly free day so I decided to go biking up into the hills where I hadn’t been since it started raining again. This is one of my favorite areas and though it was beautiful in summer, now it is green again and it’s gorgeous! This is a route that goes northwest of David, and it’s mostly pastures of cows with the hills and mountains behind them.

Sometimes I do a big loop around and come back into town through some more populated areas and crazy downhills. Today though, I just rode up through my favorite parts and turned around and came back down the way I came, carrying an 8 lb guanabana I found for sale up there. My friends are going to be happy. Maybe tomorrow I should go the other direction towards the beach and see if the sugar cane is taller.


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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8 Responses to The Rainy Season, or the Green Season

  1. Nice!!
    You are paving the way for us!


  2. oldsalt1942 says:

    The “Rainy Season” is best. I haven’t had my a/c on for a couple of weeks now. The next electric bill should be the last big one for months. My last electric bill was high because I used the a/c almost every afternoon in the “Dry Season.” Still, the $35.05 was about a quarter of what I used to pay every month in Ft. Lauderdale. Here my normal bill is around $11 or $12/month. And I like the green, too.


    • I know what you mean! If electricity is as much or more here, why are the bills just a fraction of what they were in FL? Even when we could avoid the AC we were thrilled if the bill was less than $100.


  3. indacampo says:

    I love the Green Season also. We definitely need the rains to start here in full force now. Most days bring clouds but very little moisture. Our real Wet Season doesn’t start until June normally and is interspersed with days of no rain at all. Only goes to show that Panama has many “micro climates” and there is something for everyone. 🙂 Great pics Amiga!


    • Yes indeed, which is why people who like it a bit drier go to your area. We are getting rain maybe every other day now, often a good downpour. I hope some of it goes your way too! Gracias amiga 🙂


  4. We are looking forward to our visit to the area late November/December! We will be staying in the Boca Chica area for 4 nights to scout around Chiriqui, do some kayaking and hopefully some bike riding too, then heading over to Bocas for a few as well … looking forward to checking things out “live” for the first time … have been getting to know the area about as much as possible via google earth, internet, and blogs like this … thanks again …


    • Boca Chica is really beautiful! It’s one of my favorite places around here and is a good place to kayak. The islands protect it from the forces of the ocean so it’s calm. I’m not sure where you could get bikes though unless your hotel offers them. Bocas town is a bit funky but the area is gorgeous! You can definitely get bikes there. We had a blast riding all over the island. How exciting you get to visit Panama! I hope you have a great time.
      Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such nice comments 🙂


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