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Today I went southwest towards La Barqueta beach. I thought about going to the beach to check out the waves. There are really high tides and big waves right now all along Central and South America. By the time I got to the other side of town though, I knew it wasn’t going to happen. It’s hot, humid, few clouds, and a long ride in the hot sun was not appealing. I did go a ways into the country though. I love this area of mostly cow pastures and sugar cane.

I’ve had people ask me – Now that you aren’t working, what do you DO all day?? This is what I did today. I rode through green fields (at a slower pace, and I stopped under trees to cool off and take photos) but I was out in a beautiful place. On the way home I stopped by the produce market because they have tamales on Saturdays. Then I showered, ate my tamale, drank a couple liters of lemonade (from the lemons in my yard), answered some emails, made chicken soup, cleaned the bathroom, swept the floors, helped a friend with a computer thing, and worked (played) in the yard. Then I showered again (did I mention it is an unusually hot and sticky day?) Now it’s time to make some dinner and watch some Netflix.

It never rained today. It didn’t look like it was even thinking of raining. Tomorrow is Sunday, a good day to bike downtown because there is so much less traffic. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit cooler. But, I am thankful it never snows, and I live in a beautiful place with really nice people. Life is good.


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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  1. OK so … its really that hot at the coast eh? Glad we picked a place with AC while there 😉


    • Heat is subjective so if you aren’t used to this climate, it is probably good to get a place with AC. I’m usually very comfortable here but once in a while there is a day that just seems too warm even for me. Generally though mornings are nice, the sun climbs overhead and you want to stay out of it, then it clouds up and rains and everything cools down, and then I am looking for my long pants 😀 It’s good there are options though, and you can go to higher elevations until you find a climate that suits you.


  2. Patrice says:

    Kris, It’s interesting to follow your blog because while we both live in Panama my life style is so different living in Boquete. While I drive to David to do major shopping, ie., Price Mart, I am always anxious to return to our cooler weather here. But, weather isn’t the only big difference. As I’m sure you know Boquete has the largest expat community in Panama. We have so many social events making it very easy to meet fellow expats. But, living where you do in a Panamanian neighborhood you definitely have the edge on any of us living in an expat gated community as far as integrating and learning the Spanish language. I’ve been impressed by your ability to communicate well with Panamanians. The only thing I would like to change about my life style here is to get serious and learn more Spanish. I will continue to read your blog, it’s very interesting to me to get such a different perspective of Panama. Proof that everyone can find their perfect little peace of paradise here.


    • Thanks for your comments 🙂 One thing about Panama is there are so many options for location, climate, social life, etc. which is really nice. I love my life here, and my Panamanian friends have been an enormous help with the language. They joke about how they had to slow down and repeat things all the time in the past but I’m so much better now. I hope you can have some Panamanian friends too not only for the language practice, but because they are such warm and friendly people.


    • Robert & Helen says:

      Interesting, Patrice, your comment that you would like to learn proper Spanish. It will be hard work. I am an expat for 27 years and speak 3 languages fluent, Spanish, Dutch and English. I can also manage speaking German en French. I am ready to to teach you Spanish.
      Email My wife and I live in Santa Lucia near hostel Altos de La Montaña.


  3. karengranade says:

    Kris, thanks for the photos of the living fences. I was there last summer, headed to las Olas , and thought the fences were so cool. I figured I’d get photos on the way back.. No such luck.. We got caught in a downpour ! Now I can show my husband what a living fence is! Thanks.. Always enjoy your blog.


  4. This sounds like a great day. Just the kinds of days my husband and I are looking forward to when we eventually get to Panama…


  5. schuttzie says:

    We are retired, too, and people ask what we DO all day, also (I hate that, haha). It does seem as though we fill up our days and then wonder how we ever got anything done when we worked 🙂 Now it’s time to be able to slow down and enjoy things around you, reflecting on life. Panama, indeed is certainly beautiful from what I’ve seen of your lovely photos. So lush!


    • You get to do whatever you want all day! I know what you mean. I wonder how I had time to work too.
      It is SO beautiful here! I think I fell in love with the country when I first saw the green mountains from the airplane window.


  6. Lovely photos. We saw the living fences on the drive here from the city. I can’t imagine ever tiring of looking at this landscape!


  7. indacampo says:

    It’s stinking hot here again today. There’s low cloud but they are definitely not rain clouds, they’re just holding the heat in. At least the winds are starting to come off the ocean now and the breezes are cooler, they just haven’t shifted all the way yet.

    We just took our vecino’s dog for a walk around the pasture and over down the block. One of our other vecino’s told us we were crazy to be out in the heat. There are so many large trees on the side roads though so we managed to stay in the shade. The pueblo is almost like a tomb today, everybody is either at the beach (which is why we chose not to go on Sundays) or are inside in the relative coolness with their fans on.

    Looking forward to everything greening up and the big rains coming. There are an awful lot of skinny cows around here looking for green grass and I’m not talking about the the ice cream kind, LOL!

    Lovely photos as usual Amiga! 🙂


    • Here too! Everyone is complaining including the locals. It’s hot, humid, and you feel like you are going to melt. A cyclist just arrived here from Costa Rica and he looks totally exhausted from the heat. There is more breeze coming from the south and more clouds so we are hoping it will rain. Poor skinny cows, they sure need it too.

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