Machines at Work

My grandson loves big machines, so when I ran across some in the last few days I thought of him.

The Feria (the big international fair that is held every March) is just starting today and will run for the next 10 days. There are people from many other countries, lots of merchandise for sale, animals, rides for kids, music and dancing, food, and some really big machines. Here are a couple, and I’m sure I’ll see more when I go.

Wouldn’t it be fun to play with those?!

A couple days ago, I was feeling bored with my usual bike routes so I wandered around for a bit. One of my wanderings took me north on Via Boquete past the site of the new bus terminal. They are still moving dirt around and preparing the site, but there were a lot of big machines and some of them were hard at work.

And then, for the kid in all of us, here is a noisy video of the machines at work 😀

The construction continues all over the area, but the terminal is one of the bigger projects. I’m sure I’ll see more machines at work so I can share some now and then with those of us who love them.


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4 Responses to Machines at Work

  1. We drove by today and can’t believe how fast they are moving along. Hope they have plans for all that traffic getting in and out of their when it is all open for business.


  2. Amy Lyle says:

    Oh, He’s going to love this!!! Thanks Mom!


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