A Great B&B

I happened across a wonderful B&B that also offers tours. A couple of my blog followers were in town, we were exploring the area, and they remembered this place where they had stayed before so we stopped by for a visit. I might be interested in some of the tours they described so I kept their contact information.

Moty Hen is the owner, and Israeli guy who manages the place with his Panamanian wife. When we visited the first time I met her sister who was helping out because Moty and his wife were in Panama City.

Their website is HERE.  The place is in southern David in an attractive residential neighborhood. The house itself is very comfortable, but I think the most interesting thing is the birds and monkeys. I took some photos which will tell you more than any words.

Moty told me that he used to have even more birds but has been downsizing his collection because when they all got going, it was too noisy for the guests. Almost all of the birds and monkeys are native to Panama and I got the feeling almost all are also rescues.

If any of you are considering this as a place to stay, photos of the rooms are next. There is a large room for $75 if I remember correctly, and another large room with its own sitting area for $85. Then there are two smaller rooms for $50, one with a double bed and the other with twin beds and they share a bathroom The rooms come with breakfast which my friends said was excellent. If you want, you can arrange for them to cook you other meals as well.

Moty can also arrange tours with pretty much anything you would like. He says he has contacts all over the country so if you want a tour of Panama City, San Blas or other things on that side of the country, he can help you out. I am interesting in the manufacturing and craftsmen tours in this area to see cigars being made, and those cakes of brown sugar, and some of the other things from Chiriqui. Maybe I can collect some of my friends and we’ll make a fun day of it.

Moty made it very clear that he wants his guests to feel relaxed and comfortable, and to feel like this is also their home. I was made to feel the same way and I am welcome there any time.  How nice is that! There are good hotels in town but they can’t have the personal touch and hospitality of this home.


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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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  1. shelbicraig says:

    Are the monkeys free to roam?


    • The ones not in cages have leashes so they can roam only in their immediate area. Otherwise they’d be all over the neighborhood, which probably wouldn’t be good for either the neighbors or the monkeys.


  2. Great report Kris.
    Let us know when you do some of his tours? Cigar making in David? Did not know that.

    Wonder if does speciality food shop tours? That would be a big hit!


    • The cigar factory is actually in La Concepción and is run by a guy from Cuba. The tobacco is from Cuban seed. He is sometimes at the Boquete Tuesday Market.


      • I had it pointed out to me once but I’m not sure when you can visit, or if it has moved. It seems someone said something about it going to a different location.


    • Actually he was talking about food, taking people out to see where it was grown, picking your own or digging up your own, then bringing it back to the house and having a class on how to cook the food, followed of course by eating it.


  3. We stayed at Moty’s once in David and were very comfortable.


  4. Thanks for the wonderful article Kris. That gives me another option when I head down while looking for a longer term rental in the area. Looks perfect.



  5. Another great post Kris – for sure I’ll be looking for this when/if I make it to Panama as I hope to in December this year.


  6. Carole says:

    Glad you were able to meet Moty, we loved it when we stayed with them. We would have stayed this last time, but we wanted to be in town for a different feeling. Since we were visiting other areas of Panama, we only 2 days in David. His wife is an excellent cook, always had seconds. We had most of our meals there, only went into town twice for dinner.One of his tours even took us to a master wood carvers shop. The beds were very comfortable and spacious. The plus we had was always seeing the animals, we got to see a few different toucans up close. They are the perfect hosts.


    • I loved meeting him and we spent quite a bit of time talking. I am going to see if I can collect some friends to go touring with him and see some of the interesting things you talked about. Thanks! If it wasn’t for you I never would have known about him.
      BTW, how are your moving plans coming along? I know it’s too early yet but there are two houses for rent in our neighborhood, one of them furnished.


      • Carole says:

        We finally sold one large painting, so it starting to happen slowly. We are not ready to go yet, but we will let you know. Maybe by then we will have something available. Now we are trying to enjoy the Island why we are still here, doing a lot of snorkeling to get it out of our systems. I think by the beginning of next year we will have a better idea what is happening. I wish I could just pack up and leave like you did, but that isn’t happening. I found a consignment store here that just opened, we are hoping to sell a lot of our stuff there with her.Once the house starts emptying out I will feel so much better.


        • I know you have a lot to do. It took us a while too since we also had a house to clean out and we did a lot of repairs and renovation as well. Just keep chipping away at it and it will all get done. Good luck!


  7. ME BE in Panama says:

    Great post Kris, very informative. Keep me in mind for the brown sugar tour!


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