A Fun Day in a Swimming Hole!

Friday a bunch of us set off to find a new swimming spot that Holly (of Let The Adventure Begin) knew about. Emma (of a Woman, a Plan, a Canal… , but who has been way too busy to write for a while) was visiting and we all wanted to spend some time together. Joel (of Finding Myself in Panama) and Lauren (of Air Propel Latin America) and I met up at the intersection of Via Boquete and the road to Caldera. (whew, that’s a lot of bloggers all together!).

We proceeded to follow Holly’s car through Caldera and beyond on windy, hilly roads into places I’d never seen before.


We ended up at a spot with a little room to pull over and park, and then walked the rest of the way. It apparently is private property, and the guy at the gate said he would like $2/person when we leave.  As close as I can figure this location is about 19 kilometers from the Via Boquete / Caldera road intersection, and we were going to Rio Chiriqui Nuevo. I did think to start my cycling ap shortly after we left the area so with any luck THIS will bring up a map that will get you close to the location. It’s a great spot so remembering how to find it is for my benefit as much as anyone else’s.

Little did we know what a beautiful spot awaited us!


And, little did we know the fun had just begun. As we got out of our cars we saw three other cars pulling in, and it wasn’t long before those people joined us at the swimming hole. As they started unpacking and getting settled, I turned around to look at the guy behind me and found I was looking into the face of Cesar Augusto Melendez, the rock climber! Not only is he a very accomplished climber, he’s quite handsome, a really nice guy and I enjoyed talking with him. I told him my daughter and son-in-law are climbers, and he said he hopes they can visit Panama sometime because he would love to take them climbing. He even gave me his card so I can get in touch with him.

Cesar was out with maybe 20 young people from Panama City. A lot of people from the city like to take advantage of the holiday and go to “the interior” to beaches, rivers, and other spots where they can swim, cool off, and enjoy themselves.


Then, the next thing we knew Cesar appeared on the rocks high up above the water! The next activity was for people to climb up to an outcropping of rock, grab the vine, swing over and jump into the water below.

Sometimes fun is not without risk, so we were very happy the injured girl hadn’t done anything worse. Hopefully it’s only a bad bruise, or at worst a cracked bone on the top of her foot.

Later, Cesar and some of the others decided to rappel down the waterfall!

It was amazing to see Cesar climb around on the rocks like it was nothing, so sure footed, unafraid, and capable!

But, like all good things, the time came when we had to head back. What a great morning! Not only did we have a great time with friends, we saw a beautiful new spot, and really enjoyed being there with the young people and Cesar. Thank you Holly for yet another great outing!

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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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9 Responses to A Fun Day in a Swimming Hole!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great write-up Kris, and a very fun adventure.


  2. schuttzie says:

    Lots like a really beautiful spot, quite the hidden gem. When I was younger I would have been jumping but certainly with age your common sense says, “NO WAY”. Haha! Great post~


  3. That is amazing!!!!!! I’m so jealous of that adventure :). That’s quite the find!


  4. Kris, I have been following your blog for quite some time and love it! I hope you can help me with your advice. If not…no problem. I feel a bit like a pest.

    We have been from one end of Panama to the other..up and down…and side to side. We are here in David and ready to explore the city for a possible retirement neighborhood. Not gated. Much like where and how you live.

    What areas do you suggest we look at? We are going to hire a taxi for the day tomorrow to take us on a tour of the city.


    PS: we are staying at the Gran Hotel Nacional if you are in the area.



    • I sent you an email but got a response that you are traveling and unavailable so I’m not sure if it will get to you. Email me at info@thePanamaAdventure.com and I can send you my phone number in case you need it. How long will you be in David? You are welcome to stop by if you are in my area, or if I’m downtown I’ll let you know.


  5. Hi and welcome to David 🙂 There are many options here and I certainly don’t know all the neighborhoods. You might get in touch with Eduardo Horna who does tours and is also a real estate agent https://findingmyselfinpanama.wordpress.com/2015/04/09/video-of-ed-horna-rental-property-available-in-davidboquete/
    We live in Villa del Carmen which is on the north side of town, and there are quite a few other neighborhoods on either side of Via Boquete. I like this area because it is a bit cooler up here, and it is very close to El Terronal and shopping. But, there are a lot of other neighborhoods all over town that also look nice. Either Eduardo or a good taxi driver who spends his time driving all over town should be very helpful.


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