Summit of The Americas 2015

This is really cool! I was going to write something about it, but he’s done such a good job I’ll just share this post.

RICHARD DETRICH Cruise Destination & Port Lecturer

For over 100 years Panama has been the crossroads of the world and the place where the world meets because of its geographical location and the famed Panama Canal.  This month the “world”, at least the Latin American world, will meet in Panama at the Summit of The Americas organized by the Organization of American States.  This will be the seventh summit of Latin American world leaders.

Over 70 parliamentarians from across the American continent will meet at the permanent headquarters of the Latin American Parliament and in addition to the heads of state around 5,000 advisors and ministers of the various countries will attend, tying up Panama City traffic even worse than usual. Schools and government offices will be closed in an effort to minimize the chaos. Normally Panama goes mas o menos on “vacation” from November [the month of Patriotic holidays], through December [Mother’s Day & Christmas], January…

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  1. Yes indeed… just read it and the Operations Manual is very interesting!


  2. Roger says:

    Well. Something is not correct with the information. Only Panama City and its Metropolitan areas will be have their public-government offices closed, including schools and some private business because of the Summit. The other places in Panama will have work as normal.


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