Just a Few Miscellaneous Photos of This and That

I have various photos that don’t fit under any particular subject, just things I’ve come across as I go about my days.

It is really nice here now. The rainy season has returned. It isn’t raining most days but we have had a couple good downpours and more sprinkles. It’s generally cooler with no more strong winds, and the humidity is back. For me this works, and it is surprising how much greener everything is already.

We have been having fun with a couple great cyclists who are staying with us, and we have mostly just been chilling this weekend. This coming week? Who knows? The plan tomorrow is a trip to the fishermen, some tennis play, and there will be more bike rides later. I let the leaves cover the yard while it was so hot and dry so now it’s time to clean up the yard as well.

Life is good in Panama 🙂

About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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10 Responses to Just a Few Miscellaneous Photos of This and That

  1. OMG! Fig bars. Ron says we’re moving to Panama. lol


  2. schuttzie says:

    I love that you rescued the plant and it flowered for you because of the the love and care you gave it. I have seen a black squirrel here in northern Illinois once but it moved on…they are so pretty! You have a wonderful interest and joy in the wildlife which I love~ Beautiful photos 🙂


    • It is very common here to toss the yard trash in the nearest vacant lot or anywhere that isn’t someone else’s yard so I have a lot of rescued plants.
      The black squirrels are also fairly common but people don’t always like them because they love to eat fruit. I bought some peanuts for them once and they just walked right over them on their way to the orange tree. But, everything eats fruit here because that is what grows here.
      It is easy to enjoy the wildlife here because so much of it is new and interesting.
      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the photos and the post 🙂


  3. Angela says:

    We bought that package of fig bars here in Kansas for $1. Love your blog, very interested in moving to Panama (after we have more retirement saved up) 😊


    • Really?! I can’t remember where they are made but I think it is in the US somewhere. Small world sometimes. Kansas? Where? We lived in Manhattan for a long time before we moved to Florida, and then to Panama.
      Depending on where/how you want to live, it is possible to live for much less here. Hopefully that will allow you to retire sooner rather than later.
      Thanks, glad you enjoy the blog and thanks for taking the time to comment 🙂


      • Anonymous says:

        You lived in Manhattan,KS? That IS crazy, I live just outside of Lawrence. I love my acreage, fruit trees and plants, and chickens. I hope to have all of the same down there. If we could figure out businesses to start down there we would be set, I think. My husband has his own tee printing business, so I think that would be his thing. For me? Well I hope you don’t think I’m too weird, but I’m vegetarian (that’s not the weird part). I’m looking into alternative protein sources. Insect farming is becoming pretty popular as a food source in the U.S., do you know how popular it is down there? For example, you can make crickets into flour and make lots of things out of it and it’s pretty sustainable. Your reply is greatly appreciated.


        • Wow, it is a small world!
          Panamanians, like anyone else, generally eat what they grew up eating and I don’t think that includes insects. But who knows. Most are open to learning new things. Believe it or not in this land of abundance, nutrition is a big problem for many of the indigenous people. Maybe this is something that could help? There definitely are a lot of insects here. I think that would be more of a charitable effort though, rather than a business.
          You’ll have to come and visit, maybe stop by Boquete or other expat spots and sell some of your cricket flour and see how it goes over.


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