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We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.

Vaccination Day

The day finally got here! It’s been a process and a waiting game, and I can hardly believe we got our shots. Panama has done the vaccination process in a very systematic way starting with the people most in need, … Continue reading

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Steps Forward, Steps Backwards

There’s been quite a lot going on here lately! We were starting to feel alive and it was great. Numbers were stable, not dropping as much as one would hope, but stable is good. Starting May 3rd, live music was … Continue reading

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Poco a Poco (Little by Little)

The days still go by, one very much like another, but there are also signs of forward progress, definite signs! The first big step forward is the vaccine. We are scheduled to start vaccinations here in David on May 10th. … Continue reading

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Some Shopping, Some Flowers

Our veggie guy has been out for a couple weeks, so we went to one of the markets down the street for some fruits and veggies. The bigger market is closed to prevent crowding, so you have to stand at … Continue reading

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It’s Rainy Season

It’s like a switch was flipped. One day was summer and the next was not. It was really hot for days, upper 90’s, dry, intense sun, and a lot of the plants were crispy and crunchy. On Wednesday afternoon we … Continue reading

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A Mola Workshop

Last week I had the opportunity to do something a bit different. Well, going out for anything other than necessary errands is different, so this was a very nice day. Molas are a fabric art form of the Guna Indians … Continue reading

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It’s Summer Here

Summer in Panama, also known as the dry season, starts about the middle of December and end about the middle of April. We had an unusual amount of rain earlier in the summer, which was really nice but now it … Continue reading

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A Good Mailing Service

Is there mail in Panama? No! Well, not mail as we know it in the US. There are no mailmen going door to door delivering letters and packages. So, how do things get to people? There is a post office … Continue reading

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A Bit of my World

I recently reconnected with a very dear friend from my college years. He’s curious about my world down here in Panama so I figured rather than overload his mailbox, I’d just write a post. I woke up to a beautiful, … Continue reading

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Random Photos

I’ve accumulated a lot of random photos over the last few weeks, so I figure I’ll just put them out here in no particular order. First group – fruits. The mangoes and avocadoes bloomed, but we also had a few … Continue reading

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