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If all of my readers would contribute only $2, the goal would be reached. Since that may not happen, YOU contribute $5 and make sure things happen.

Peter, the organizer, doesn’t want me talk about him because he’s not doing anything special. So, I won’t tell you that he’s a doctor from the US working with people in La Chureca, a garbage dump in Managua, Nicaragua. We have exchanged a few emails but I won’t tell you how my heart ached to hear him say he used to cry at night knowing the people who came to his clinic went to sleep every night in a garbage dump.

(from Wikipedia)

(from Wikipedia)

He would like you to know about Maria Teresa Fernandez de Vega, who was Vice President in Spain. Her visit to the dump shed light on the problem and started improvements which included a recycling facility, jobs, housing, and school for the people living at the dump. Conditions are better now for many of the people, but they are still very, very poor.

There are students who want to go to university but this takes money, very little by our standards but an impossible amount in their world. Jobs are very hard to come by and aren’t flexible around a class schedule, so students often give up their dreams. Peter believes that a computer lab will change this. Students can work on line and earn enough to continue their education. Read about it at the link above which explains it far better than I can. Peter supports himself and his clinic with his on line earnings, so he’s in a good position to help.

I know there are a lot of good people doing good things in this world, but I happen to know this one and think a lot of his efforts and compassion for these people. We are so lucky by our circumstances of birth. We were not born in a garbage dump like the children there. Hopefully we can ease a little suffering for other fellow human beings.

Let’s surprise Peter and show him how just a little can add up to something significant!


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10 Responses to Help Needed

  1. Ruthie Cassidy says:

    Done and Shared! What a Hero your friend is Kris! Glad you told us about his work! I’m moving down to David in May…can’t wait!


  2. Jerry says:

    Thanks for putting us onto this Kris. We contributed and will share. I ordered the recipe for Gallo Pinto also. This is the type of ministry that we enjoy being involved in. Perhaps we can make a trip to Nicaragua and visit this place when we move to David. Looking forward to seeing you in June.


    • Thanks so much!
      Actually Gallo Pinto is just beans and rice. He started this to get some support from his friends, and the recipe was sort of a joke for them.
      I definitely want to visit Nicaragua and now that I know this guy, a visit there is high on my list. We shall talk…. 🙂


  3. Kevin says:



  4. Edye Schlandt says:

    My son has been to Nica twice, the Chinedega area to work with the folks that are living in the medical waste dump. I am so happy to be able to contribute – the Gallo Pinto recipe is a bonus – 🙂


    • Thank you so much for helping 🙂 I don’t know about the Gallo Pinto recipe though. He put that up as more of a joke for his friends. It’s basic beans and rice that is eaten all the time there.


  5. John & Susan says:

    Hi Kris,
    Your post brought back fond memories of our travels in Nicaragua.
    When Susan and I were in Nicaragua we met a young man, Marlon, that was working in the marina we were staying at and we got to know him and his family well. They lived in a tin shack with dirt floors and no electricity. And every day each family member was clean and respectively dressed. We helped sponsor Marlon to go to hotel/restaurant school and he is now general manager of a resort on the coast. We really enjoyed visiting Nicaragua except for Managua. It is a beautiful country.

    Thanks for the post. We donated.

    John & Susan


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