International Living?

Why do I have a link to International Living on my sidebar?

Many who know me know that I’m not enthusiastic about a business who’s main purpose is to make money by selling expensive conferences, books, magazines, and other merchandise to potential expats. I don’t think it’s realistic for most of us to “fund our life overseas” using one of their amazingly easy money making ideas. A property recommended as an investment opportunity may not be the right option for you. Panama may not be the inexpensive paradise many are lead to believe, and people could make financially and emotionally costly mistakes.

International Living has many readers. I think most of us started there or at least checked it out at some point. Perhaps if some of these readers find their way to my blog, they will get other perspectives that may help balance their view. When I was first approached by International Living my knee jerk reaction was to decline. But, after much thought and discussion with my husband, I changed my mind and decided to try this for a while. Perhaps the exposure will be good for me and helpful to others.

So, that is why there is a link to International Living on my blog.

About Kris Cunningham

We live in David, Chiriqui Provence, Republic of Panama! This blog is about some of our experiences in our new country.
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  1. tombseekers says:

    The Inside Panama bus has been busy in Chiriquí this week. A 44 passenger bus taking people all over the Boquete area (and I assume all over Panama) Several thousand dollars for each seat to take them on a “Disney-style” trip through the country. And it’s not even Panamanians making all the money.


  2. oldsalt1942 says:

    They approached me a couple of years ago and asked me to write some articles for them. Not only didn’t they want to pay me for them, they wanted ME to pay THEM to get copies of what I wrote. SKAREW International Living right where it breathes!!!


    • Why would anyone write articles for a for profit business for free? and then pay to see your own work? If I’m writing for free, I’m doing my own thing in my own space on my own terms, thankyouverymuch.


  3. Kris, you are a wise woman. Hopefully, with the link, people will be able to see your blog and get a VERY different perspective. I wrote an article for International Living last year. It was called, “You Ain’t in Gringolandia No More!” I filled it with stories of catching a boa constrictor in our neighbor’s kitchen wall, building our house during the flood of the century, and my hatred for gated gringo compounds and greedy gringo real estate developers. It was hysterical and it was intentional. They sent a $75 check to our house in the states, which by the time we returned to the states, the check was outdated and we couldn’t cash it. I don’t think they ever published it, which suits me just fine. That was the best way I could think of to tell them what I thought of them. Sometimes, you just gotta laugh. 🙂 Good for you! I hope you get thousands of new subscribers. Tell it like it is! Go get ’em.


  4. 4sarge says:

    I think that we all probably start at IL or come across there many, many, web articles. I love to research a topic of interest until I feel comfortable or until my interest wanes. After research of many blogs, Internet sites and Yahoo Groups I feel at least somewhat comfortable. IL is a Business selling hopes and dreams at a price. Maybe, good for some and not so good for others. When or if, you realize that the $$’s going out is not seeing a return then we (some) break free. The concept of the magazine and tours is a good one but the money charged can become an issue for some. I like to think of myself as an Informed Consumer. Our neighbor lived in Belize for many years and has been a great insight. I’d much rather read/hear actual true life experiences of normal people. living in these tropical paradises than concocted puff pieces Your blog is a Great resource where I’ve learned much and also love Panama for Real Videos and written reports. It’s always Fun to be on Vacation but everyday life is reality even in a tropical paradise.


    • We’ve met some people from the IL conferences who were looking for a simple life like ours, and were so disappointed because they finally figured it wasn’t here. They were only shown high dollar places in expat communities, and were encouraged to buy asap. I’m afraid people don’t get a balanced and realistic view of the options and what it’s like here, and then how can they make good decisions? Thanks, glad you have found my blog helpful. That has been my intention, to give a honest view of our life here. Chris is doing a fantastic job on Panama for Real, and is quickly becoming one of the most useful resources out there!


  5. Hugo Ernst says:

    Must have something to do with the name, Kris/Chris, down to earth reporting….!


  6. John & Susan says:

    Thanks Kris…and totally agree with all the comments.
    International Living has everyone’s best interest at heart…YOUR MONEY!


  7. My wife and I also started out reading IL but after a few years realized we needed to do more thorough research. It’s a good magazine to get you started and give you ideas of what others are doing and possible destinations as well.


    • Yes, I think they got many of us started. I’m glad you did more research though, because I’m afraid International Living tends to look at everything with rose colored glasses.


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