Microsoft “City”

I know Microsoft is a big company that had thousands of employees all over the world, but the reality hit home when we went to visit my daughter’s work. She was in Bellevue but when they reorganized the teams and moved some people around, she was moved to Redmond where most of the offices are located.

We started on the main campus which is similar to a college campus, with common areas and many buildings for different teams and parts of the company. Then we visited the East campus where her building is one of many more.

It is one thing to hear numbers, but quite another to actually go somewhere and see what is going on. I cannot imagine starting a little company in my garage, and then seeing it grow to something this immense! How many people work here and what are they all doing?! It looks like every bit of office space is being used, and there are bulletin boards and white boards in the hallways. Even this is only a part of it. There are other offices literally all over the world. If I was young and energetic, it would be so exciting to be a part of something like this.

But, since I am old and at this stage of my life work is considered a four letter word, I was happy to be just a visitor and see the company through my daughter’s eyes.

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4 Responses to Microsoft “City”

  1. Wow! What a complex! An elephant? A bicycle shop? Your daughter has an awesome job.


  2. Leilani says:

    And was that a bowling alley?!.


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