Hola from Seattle


There is a pretty view of the fall colors from the back door.

As you can see from the photo, I’m still in the US. I haven’t been writing much though. Life has been a bit topsy turvy the last couple weeks. I first went to California to help my older daughter’s family and new baby, and planned to leave there on the 17th. My younger daughter’s baby, however, decided not to wait until due date and came a week early so plans changed and I went to Seattle early.

For some reason, hospitals don’t seem to want new parents to get any sleep (according to both of my daughters). This new mom was up all Thursday night in labor. The next night she was still in the hospital but she said there was a constant stream of people in and out all night doing something for either her or the baby, which usually left her with an upset and crying baby. By the time they got home on Saturday afternoon she and her husband were both beyond exhausted, and the baby was also upset and fussy. Thankfully there was room on the evening plane so it was easy for me to just come on up here.


outside the front door

They are doing great with the baby! They just needed reassurance and some sleep. The baby has been sleeping 3-4 hours at a time during the night so they are catching up on their sleep a bit and feeling a lot better. The baby is also doing well and though she has a very strong set of lungs, she hasn’t been using them to cry very much.


So, I am using this post just to check in and to share a few photos. It’s cold and rainy here, in the 40’s, so I haven’t set foot outside the door since I arrived. They are in a pretty area though as you can see from these photos, all of which are views from the house.

I have baby photos, of course, and various things I want to share so these will be coming as I get time to sort through things. And, I will be here a while so we will be getting out and about later on. Right now though most of the time is spent supporting the new parents, cuddling the baby, and even watching a bit of TV. (they have cable! :D) Both of my daughters are doing great with their new babies and I couldn’t be more proud of them.

When there is a bit of sun, I love how it shines through this tree.

When there is a bit of sun, I love how it shines through this tree.

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8 Responses to Hola from Seattle

  1. Sunni Morris says:

    Congrats to you and the new parents. I bet they’re glad you’re there to help out and let them rest.

    It was cold and rainy here in SW UT today too. I hate winter! They’re predicting 19 here tonight and up to three inches of snow. I hope that’s wrong. We’re twenty degrees below normal for ths time of year.

    Nice pics for taking them through the windows. I do that a lot here in the cold months.

    Have a great visit!


  2. cAROLE says:

    Congratulations, lucky you were in the states so you could get to them to help. What a nice trip for you, two births around the same time. Nice you were around to help and meet your new grand children.


    • Yes indeed, it made it easier that they were born so close together, and I could get here in a few hours instead of a couple days. Otherwise I would have made different travel arrangements and gotten here earlier to be sure I was here when they needed me. That’s one nice thing about being retired and totally flexible!


  3. ME BE in Panama says:

    Congrats again. I bet the time has just flown by since you have been in the US. You’re a great mom Kris.


  4. Congratulations on the new grandbabies! So cool that they are so close in age and you got to be there to help with both your daughters. What a wonderful time for you!


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